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The Ponies are a Moshling Set in Moshi Monsters based on horses and ponies. The Moshlings in this set are Angel the SkyPony, Priscilla the Princess Pony and Mr. Snoodle the Silly Snuffler and Gigi the Magical Mule.

In Moshi Monsters Village, Mrs. Snoodle is added to this set, bringing the total Moshlings to 5 (before Egg Hunt). This is most likely to avoid the time spent creating assets for a Legends house and its upgrades.

In Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt, YaYa the Zany Zonkey is added as a Super Moshling.



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Common Hot Silly Peppers Magic Beans Hot Silly Peppers

LockedWinged WallflowerLocked

Uncommon Moon OrchidMoon Orchid Yellow Snap Apple
Mr. Snoodle
Rare Yellow Dragon Fruit Hot Silly Peppers Purple Hot Silly PeppersLocked Whistlin' Thistles Locked
Ultra-rare Blue Hot Silly Peppers Red Moon Orchid Yellow Hot Silly Peppers
Mrs. Snoodle
Ultra-rare Purchase Moshi Monsters: The Movie on DVD or Moshi Monsters Plush Toys
Super Moshling Collect the other Ponies and use a Golden Spoon to hatch


Yee-haa! It's those thoroughbred Moshlings the Ponies! They're all here – those sleepy slow-pokes the Silly Snufflers, the celestial and secretive SkyPonies, the unihorned Magical Mules and the precocious Princess Ponies. So get your nose out of that feed bag and saddle up!


  • The Ponies have their own self-titled song
  • Some players find it confusing why Mr. Snoodle is in the Ponies set because he is an elephant.
    • Moshi Monsters once responded to this with 'It's okay to be different!'
  • Ponies is one of the few sets that has one Moshling of each rarity.
  • Before the invention of the wheel, Mr. Snoodle, Priscilla and Gigi were used to pulling delivery carts and used for methods of transportation. 
  • SkyPonies was only a rumour until Buster Bumblechops found them floating on Cloud Nine. Since then, they have been in the Ponies set.




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