Podge is a red Glump, who was named by a player named cobyandfrankie10, with a frazzled piece of orange hair on his head and two big eyes.


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Poingy-boingy Podge pounds the streets of Monstro City looking for Moshlings to lick up, quite literally! This Glump likes nothing better than using his long and twisty, sticky tongue as a large Lumpy Lasso to whip up unsuspecting Moshling victims. Poor little licked critters!
Bouncing ball
When he's on a monstrous mission, Podge bounces along like a super-fast bouncy ball. Watch out if you happen to be in this nasty Glump's perilous path!
Fiendish features
Rounding up Moshlings like a cowboy is sour-faced Podge's favourite pastime. But in his rare spare time he likes perfecting his criminal C.L.O.N.C. look by using gloopy hair gel to spike his orange hair.
Data file
Location: Top Secret
Job: C.L.O.N.C. minion
Features: Round, red and podgy, with a smaller-than-average Glump mouth

  • Tongue is hidden, but ready to strike!
  • Thick skin is great for bouncing on tough surfaces!


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Quick, run! Podge is boinging along Main Street – and that means you might get caught in a Lumpy Lasso! It’s true because Podge has a super long icky-sticky tongue – ideal for rounding up poor little Moshlings!

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With Podge around, there's danger of ending up in a tangle of tacky tongue. This bouncing Glump has a super-long lasso in his mouth and he knows how to use it!


  • On the Series 2 Figures Blind Bag and Blister Pack, there is a spelling mistake with his name, it stated 'Splodge'.



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