Penny the Mini Money is an ultra-rare Moshling in the Luckies set in Moshi Monsters. They are a gold coin who enjoys tossing themself in the air. Rubbing on Penny's tummy is said to bring good luck.


Heads or tails? You choose because these lucky Moshlings love flipping themselves high up in the air, especially when they need to make important decisions. Rub one on its tummy, and it might just bring you good luck.

Collector's Guide

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Heads or tails? You choose because these lucky Moshlings love flipping themselves high up in the air, especially when they need to make important decisions. I used to be able to balance about fifty Mini Monies on my elbow and grab the entire pile with one hand when I was younger, but my reflexes aren't what they used to be. Nowadays I prefer to collect them and let them roam free around Piggy Bank Meadow on my Moshling Ranch. Rub one on its tummy, and it might just bring you good luck. Ker-ching!
Unexplored Area

Deep inside Dime Mine, but you'll sometimes see them flipping out on Windfall Way.
Dithering, jolly, dizzy.
Big pockets and metal detectors.
Falling down the side of the sofa and slot machines.

Character Encyclopedia

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Jolly little Penny and the other Mini Money Moshling originate from deep within Dime Mine. Nowadays, they are often seen jumping into wishing wells or flipping themselves high up into the air in Windfall Way. If you do happen to come across a Mini Money, pick it up and rub it on its tummy - it might just bring you good luck!
Cheerful change
These jovial Luckies love jingling around in big pockets and being found by beeping metal detectors. But they live in fear of slipping down the side of the sofa or being plopped into slot machines again and again and again...
Heads or tails?
Dithery dots of metal like Penny flip themselves into the air when they need to make decisions. With all that spinning, it's not surprising these cute coins are often very dizzy!
Data File
Moshling type: Luckies
Species: Mini Money
Habitat: Dime Mine and Windfall Way
Luckie friends: Tingaling, O'Really, Furnando

  • Perfectly polished body.
  • Legs made for springing high into the air.


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If these Moshlings need to make vital decisions, they can be found flipping themselves high up in the air deep inside Dime Mine, or sometimes out on Windfall Way. But really these Moshlings are known for being lucky, whether they land on heads or tails!
Luckies love really big pockets and if you find one in yours, rubbing their tummies will bring you prosperity! Just don't lose them down the back of the sofa or in a slot machine. Mini Monies dislike both of these ...

Moshling Rescue

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Hey Rescuers, I'm Penny! I'm in desperate need of saving from level 78, just remember the saying 'if you see a penny pick it up and all day long you'll have good luck!' *applies to rescuing too. #MoshlingRescue #Moshling #Rescue #Rescuer #Penny



In the Super Moshi Mission Season 1: Mission 6: Super Moshiversity Challenge, Penny was previously the familiar of Hermitty Ginger. After Hermitty fell victim to the C.L.O.N.C. hypnotizes along with other Super Moshi student, she felt she was not a proper caretaker and hands Penny over to Super Moshi. Penny has no speaking role in the mission and is neither part of the plot.

That's Penny! She's my familiar. Where's yours?

Penny is a back up dancer in Head Over Heels together with Roxy and Gabby. The three are shown to talk and laugh with Zack Binspin and Blingo backstage. The dance involves jumping in the spot, making thumping movement on their chest and swooning.

With the final Moshi Monsters Magazines being themed around the dressed up Moshlings (from Moshling Rescue! without the context or mention of that game),
Wild west penny
a contest was held for who would appear on the front cover of Moshi Monsters Magazine: Issue 64; Wild West Tingaling or Wild West Penny. Wild West Penny, wearing a Native American Headdress, had won this vote.


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