Peekaboo the Oakey-Dokey Hokey-Pokey is an Uncommon Moshling in the Woodies set in Moshi Monsters. Buster Bumblechops is unsure whether Peekaboo is a walking tree stump or a shy critter in disguise. They squirt slippy sap when others tickle them.


LockedPeekaboo BellsLocked

You can obtain the Peekaboo Bells by buying Katsuma Unleashed.


Is it a walking tree stump or a shy woodland critter in disguise? Who knows, because Oakey-Dokey Hokey-Pokies scurry away whenever you get near them. One thing’s for sure, these highly-strung Moshlings will squirt slippy sap at anyone who tickles so much as a twig, so leaf ‘em alone!

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Oakey-Dokey Hokey-Pokies like Peekaboo can usually be found wandering the Wobbly Wood path, but they've also been spotted shedding bark and playing hide-and-peek in the Unknown Zone. No one is entirely sure whether these mysterious Moshlings are walking tree stumps or tiny woodland creatures hiding in tree costumes!
You've been sapped!
Hokey-Pokies are tremendously shy and always on edge. Constantly shaking like a leaf and scurrying away, these panicky Pokies leave everyone well alone. They squirt slippery sap all over anyone who does come too close, especially ramblers or monsters brandishing chainsaws!
Sneaky peeky
Peecaboo and the other Oakey-Dokey Hokey-Pokies feel most comfortable in their natural surroundings, playing hide-and-peek and going for quiet walks.
Data File
Moshling type: Undiscovered
Species: Oakey-Dokey Hokey-Pokey
Habitat: The Wobbly Woods or the Unknown Zone
Often spotted: Collecting leaves

  • Wide, terrified eyes.
  • Leaves make excellent camouflage.
  • Joints are lubricated with linseed oil for easy movement.


Hab prof purplex

Usually in the Wobbly Woods but they have been known to shed their bark around the Unknown Zone.



Edgy, secretive, panicky.


Check shirts and linseed oil.


Chainsaws and ramblers.




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