Music Rox! is the debut compilation album from the Moshi Monsters franchise, published under the label Moshi Music, released on April 2nd 2012.

The album performed relatively well in the United Kingdom, charting high in album charts and reaching gold certification after sales of 100,000.


No. TitleMusicArtist Length
1. "Opening Night"  
Music Rox - Opening Night
N/A 0:59
2. "Moshi Monsters Theme"  
Music Rox - Moshi Monsters Theme
The Moshi Monstars 2:55
3. "Go Do The Hoodoo"  
Music Rox - Go Do The HooDoo
Big Bad Bill and the Woolly Blue Hoodoos 3:48
4. "Trouble with the Tweenybops"  
Music Rox - Trouble With The Tweenybops
N/A 0:48
5. "Moptop Tweenybop (My Hair's Too Long)"  
Music Rox - Moptop Tweenybop (My Hair's Too Long)
Zack Binspin 3:24
6. "For Those About to Rox!"  
Music Rox - For Those About To Rox!
N/A 0:16
7. "Rock Like A Zommer"  
Music Rox - Rock Like A Zommer
Zommer 4:04
8. "Welcome to Jollywood"  
Music Rox - Welcome To Jollywood
Bobbi SingSong 4:14
9. "Moshi Radio Meets Missy Kix"  
Music Rox - Moshi Radio Meets Missy Kix
N/A 0:29
10. "The Missy Kix Dance"  
Music Rox - The Missy Kix Dance
Missy Kix 2:32
11. "Behold, the Glumpatron 3000!"  
Music Rox - Behold, The Glumpatron 3000!
N/A 0:22
12. "The Doctor Will See You Now"  
Music Rox - The Doctor Will See You Now!
Dr. Strangeglove and the Glump Generation 2:05
13. "Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Slurp!"  
Music Rox - Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Slurp!
N/A 0:39
14. "Sweet Tooth Stomp"  
Music Rox - Sweet Tooth Stomp
Sweet Tooth 3:43
15. "I ♥ Moshlings"  
Music Rox - I Heart Moshlings
Poppet 3:05
16. "There's Only One Hope"  
Music Rox - There's Only One Hope
N/A 0:40
17. "Super Moshi March"  
Music Rox - Super Moshi March
Super Moshis 2:58
18. "The Sha La La Goodbye Song"  
Music Rox - The Sha La La Goodbye Song
Every Moshi 2:39
19. "Moshi Twistmas"  
Music Rox - Moshi Twistmas
The Moshi Monsters Jingle Crew 3:19
Total length:


Moshi Monsters - Music Rox - The Album! - An all new album Available NOW!

Moshi Monsters - Music Rox - The Album! - An all new album Available NOW!

Music Rox is the first ever album from Moshi Monsters, the world's fastest growing online game for kids. Squished full of catchy songs from a crazy array of Moshi characters, we guarantee kids (and big kids!) will be stomping their feet to the Moshi beat in no time. What’s more, this special Limited Edition version includes 1000 Rox and a virtual gold disc for your monster’s room!

Party with Poppet, crank it to eleventy with Zommer, do the Missy Kix Dance and even get your gooberries in a twist with Zack Binspin. But that’s only the beginning because this brilliant album is crammed with toe-tapping tracks by all kinds of wacky Moshi gooperstars.[1]


Chart peformance

Country/Chart Peak position Weeks in chart Source
Australian Albums Chart Flag australia 31 2 (top 50) [1]
Irish Albums Chart Flag ireland 4 13 (top 75) [2]
Scottish Albums Chart Flag scotland 2 11 (top 100) [3]
UK Albums Chart Flag uk 4 11 (top 100) [4]
UK Albums Downloads Chart Flag uk 30 (top 100) [5]


Country Sales Certification Source
United Kingdom Flag uk 100,000+ Gold (11 December 2012) [6]


"Moshi Monsters Theme" (track 2)
Lead & backing vocals – Ashley Slater/Phillipa Alexander
Runner/Foreman – Phillipa Alexander
Announcer – Ashley Slater
Backing vocals – Rose Bonnor-Moris
"Go Do The HooDoo" (track 3)
Lead vocal – Adrian Davies-Jordan
Backing vocals – Ashley Slater, Steve Cleverley, Phillipa Alexander, Sanj Sen.
Brass – Ashley Slater
"Moptop Tweenybop (My Hair's Too Long)" (track 5)
Zack Binspin and Loser Moptop – Alex Hay
HighPants producer and Blingo the Flashy Fox – Ashley Slater
Fans – Phillipa Alexander
"Rock Like a Zommer" (track 7)
Zommer – Ashley Slater
Backing vocals, fans – Phillipa Alexander
Lead Guitar – Stefan Taylor
"Welcome to Jollywood" (track 8)
Bobbi SingSong – Rajesh David
Backing Vocals – Sanj Sen, Phillipa Alexander, Steve Cleverley
Pilot – Ashley Slater
"The Missy Kix Dance" (track 10)
Missy Kix, backing vocals – Phillipa Alexander
Radio DJ – Ashley Slater
"The Doctor Will See You Now" (track 12)
Dr Strangeglove, Glumps, Trombone Solo – Ashley Slater
Backing vocals, Glumps – Phillipa Alexander, Sanj Sen
"Sweet Tooth Stomp" (track 14)
Sweet Tooth/lead vocals – Steve Cleverley
Backing vocals – Phillipa Alexander, Sanj Sen
Dentist – Ashley Slater
Receptionist – Phillipa Alexander
"I Heart Moshlings" (track 15)
All vocals – Phillipa Alexander
"Super Moshi March" (track 17)
Lead Vocals, Announcer – Ashley Slater
Backing Vocals – Phillipa Alexander, Sanj Sen
"The Sha La La Goodbye Song" (track 18)
Lead characters – Ashley Slater, Phillipa Alexander, Rajesh David, Alex Hay, Steve Cleverley
Backing vocals – Ashley Slater, Phillipa Alexander, Sanj Sen
"Moshi Twistmas" (bonus track 19)
All songs
All tracks written and arranged by Steve Cleverley/Sanj Sen except "The Missy Kix Dance" written and arranged by Phillipa Alexander/Steve Cleverly/Sanj Sen/Elinor Wyatt. All tracks recorded and produced by Sanj Sen. Co-produced by Steve Cleverley. Mastered by Dick Beetham at 360 Mastering, London.


  • There was a Music Rox party held in April of 2012, located in London. Mr. Moshi and Moshi Monsters fans attended.
  • The disc is designed to look like Oddie, similar to the 'Moshi Twistmas' disc was designed like Rocko.
  • When Music Rox went gold, a code for an item was released to celebrate was released.
  • The limited edition Music Rox comes with 1,000 Rox, a Gold Virtual Disk and if pre-ordered, a special poster, with either Poppet or Zack Binspin on it.



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