Mr. Snoodle the Silly Snuffler is a Rare Moshling from the Ponies set. They have their song called Mr. Snoodle: Do the Doodle!. They are an elephant whose yawns are contagious. 

As of the 28th of March 2014, their animation file had been entirely replaced in which the animation was made to look similar to their "Do the Doodle" movement.


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Silly Snufflers are the sleepiest, snuffliest Moshlings around - and their sleepiness is contagious. Whenever a monster walks past, it can't help but yawn, stretch and fall asleep on the spot . . . zzzzz. And that's how Silly Snufflers avoid being caught. By the time the monster wakes up, the Snuffler has slowly shuffled away. I've tried every trick in the book to catch one of these snoozy critters. I even snuck up on one after drinking a gallon of black coffee, but I still nodded off, even though my eyelids were propped open with matchsticks. Foiled again!

Mini Bio

Silly Snufflers are some of the sleepiest, snuffliest Moshlings around. Whenever they amble by, Monsters can't help but yawn and fall asleep on the spot. And that's how Silly Snufflers avoid being caught! By the time the Monster wakes up, the Snufflers have managed to (slowly) get away. Foiled again! YAWN!

Character Encyclopedia

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Sleepy Mr Snoodle and the rest of the slumbering Silly Snufflers love shuffling along in the slow lane of life. These leisurely lumps graze sluggishly on pumpernickel breadcrumbs at Fransipan Farm, and dance to Mr Snoodle's latest dance craze, "Do the Doodle".

Yawn... yawn

Silly Snufflers have the power to make any passing monster fall asleep, which is handy for avoiding capture. When awake, they play ice-cream van melodies with their snouts... which often sends them right back to sleep again!

How slow can you go?

Once Snoodle was even slower than usual, so Buster Bumblechops managed to fit in his 44 winks before slowly chasing after him. The sluggish Snuffler had only walked six paces!

Data File

Moshling type: Ponies

Species: Silly Snuffler

Habitat: Franzipan Farm

Ponie pals: Angel, Priscilla, Gigi


  • Big, heavy eyelids, ready for slumber
  • Super-snuffly snoring snout!

The Official Collectable Figures Guide

When it comes to silliness, it's hard to beat the Silly Snufflers. They are sleepy, slothful and slack, prefer life in the slow lane and love listening to lullabies. To stop themselves being snaffled up, Silly Snufflers can make monsters and Moshlings alike simply fall asleep. One big yawn and they're gone because while you sleep, off they creep.
These strange Ponies live around Franzipan Farm, where they love to feast on pumpernickel breadcrumbs, shuffle about in slow motion and play a medley of ice cream van melodies with their snouts! But be careful! Remember they can make you fall . . . ZZZzzzzzz


Hab mr snoodle
When they're not shuffling around, Silly Snufflers graze on the pumpernickel breadcrumbs of Franzipan Farm, playing ice cream van melodies with their snouts.



Slumbersome, dawdly, musical.


Life in the slow lane and lullabies.


Giant Goobledegoofs and modern jazz.


  • Despite being in the Ponies set, Mr. Snoodle actually resembles an elephant.
    • This is because Michael Acton Smith (Mr Moshi) said: 'everyone is different, and that's why Mr. Snoodle has been placed in the Ponies set.'
  • According to Sprinkles's biography, some experts believe Silly Snufflers are related to Magical Tinklers.
  • A prehistoric version of Mr. Snoodle (frozen) can be seen at the baggage claim area in Season 2: Mission 1: A Close Encounter of the Zoshi Kind.
  • As of March 2014, players can recieve Mr. Snoodle as soon as you join Moshi Monsters.
  • Mr. Snoodle and Mrs. Snoodle share the same species.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Snoodle are the "hottest couple" according to Ruby Scribblez.
  • Mr. Snoodle is the second Moshling to have had an animation change, the first being Lady GooGoo.
    • Because of this, there has been confusion in design. Carte Blanche's plush still used the old design and used that artwork for promotion.
    • Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt uses a mixture of both designs. The thumbnail the game uses features the old design whilst the animations are the new design.
  • Mr. Snoodle erroneously uses Blurp's sound file in Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt.



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