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MoshlingZoo Door

The Moshling Zoo is a zoo where you can keep your Moshlings, exclusively available to Members in Moshi Monsters.

Every time the player completes a set (even if there are less than four Moshlings available in the set) the background of the habitat becomes colourful instead of yellow and dull. 

In the player's room, there is a door that leads the player to the zoo if they have a membership. There is also a way to the Zoo in the Moshling Garden. The Moshling Zoo door was updated on 28th March 2014, now in a circular shape beside the Missions button.

Furthermore, you can visit your friend's Moshling Zoo, however, there is currently a bug that makes you see the Moshlings that you currently own, rather than the ones your friend owns. If you are a non-member, any Moshlings that are sent to the Zoo are not seen, as it is said for the player to only own two Moshlings.

Moshi Monsters - Complete Moshling Zoo

Moshi Monsters - Complete Moshling Zoo

The currently complete Moshling Zoo.

Moshi Monsters - Unreleased Moshlings ingame-0

Moshi Monsters - Unreleased Moshlings ingame-0

The Moshlings in this video are inside the game's files, but are not in the Moshling Zoo. Modifications have helped display them as they would appear if released.


Completed Sets

Incomplete Sets

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