An example of a Moshling Set

Moshling Sets are a feature of the Moshling Zoo in Moshi Monsters. Sets include four Moshlings, each of whom is unique and matches the theme of the set. E.g. Oddie is a doughnut and is in the Foodies set. There are currently 53 known sets but only 47 are released.

Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt introduced Super Moshlings. These are fifth members of each set. Unlike the original, Egg Hunt completes a Moshling set and adds all five members at a time.

Some Moshlings sets are currently 'incompletable' because the Moshlings (or Moshling) in the set are unreleased, although once a set is released or confirmed, it may have an SWF file where players will be able to see its design.

Some sets are simply the second version of others, i.e. the Techies and the Techies 2.0. A full list of sets like these is below.

From November 2013, Members who have caught all the Moshlings in one set (even if the set is not fully completed, e.g. Wheelies), the set will light up, as if it had been properly completed.

List of Sets

Similar Sets

  • Arties > Nicknacks (all of the Moshlings in both sets are inanimate objects)
  • Brainies > Gurus (the theme of the two sets is almost the same, with the Brainies being an academic/intelligent theme and the Gurus being wise creatures)
  • Fluffies > Fuzzies (both have an emphasis on hair)
  • Foodies > Munchies > Fruities (all to do with edible things)
  • Fishies > Sploshies > Salties (all to do with the sea/ water)
  • Mythies > Legends > Screamies (the first two are to do with legends or mythical creatures, and the latter is mostly composed of legendary monsters or creatures rumoured to exist)
  • Secrets > Tunies > RoxStars > Musos (all to do with music)
  • Smilies > Happies (both to do with happiness)
  • Snowies > Frosties (both to do with the cold)
  • Spookies > Screamies (both based on horror or paranormal creatures)
  • Techies > Techies 2.0 (the latter was essentially added due to the former being a full set, having the maximum four Moshlings in it)


Released Sets

Unreleased Sets