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Moshi Music is the label under which all Moshi Monsters songs are copyrighted under.

The website "" functioned to promote the Music Rox! album and was advertised on the overleaf cover of numerous Moshi Monsters magazines. It can still be visited in the site's history.

Moshi TV Studios


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  1. Moshi Monsters Theme Song (??)
  2. Hey Moshi! (???)
  3. Moshi Moshi Moshi
  4. Ponies! (Song)
  5. The Moshi Dance (Removed due to Lady Gaga lawsuit)
  6. Mr. Snoodle: Do the Doodle! - 2 may 2012
  7. The I.G.G.Y. Chomp - 8 aug. 2012
  8. Diggin' Ya Lingo - 20 aug. 2012
  9. Bongo Colada - 22 nov. 2012
  10. Uptown Fifi - 8 feb. 2013
  11. The Pooky Song (Eggshells!) - 13 mrt. 2013
  12. Bad to the Biscuit - 24th jul. 2013
  13. Sneezing Channels - 27 jan. 2014
  14. Shoney the Amazin' Blazin' Raisin (Song) - 11th apr. 2014

Music Rox

  1. Moshi Monsters Theme
  2. Go Do The Hoodoo
  3. Moptop Tweenybop (My Hair's Too Long)
  4. Rock Like A Zommer
  5. Welcome to Jollywood (song)
  6. The Missy Kix Dance
  7. The Doctor Will See You Now
  8. Sweet Tooth Stomp
  9. I Heart Moshlings
  10. Super Moshi March
  11. The Sha La La Goodbye Song
  12. Moshi Twistmas

The Movie Soundtrack

  1. Moshi Monsters Fanfare
  2. Four Claw Hi Yaa Hurricane
  3. Head Over Heels
  4. Uptown Fifi
  5. Shoney the Amazin' Blazin' Raisin (Song)
  6. The Doctor Will See You Now
  7. Bongo Colada (Song)
  8. Sweet Tooth Stomp
  9. There's no escape from Sweet Tooth
  10. Kerfuffle
  11. We Can Do It
  12. We're In This Together
  13. Mr. Snoodle: Do the Doodle!
  • Buster's Fall
  • Morning on Main Street
  • Down in the Sewers
  • If You Stand for Nothing
  • 9E
  • The Exchange (Edit)
  • A Beautiful Reunion
  • Katsuma's Triumph
  • The 3 Elements
  • Strangeglove March
  • You? And Whose Army?

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The_Missy_Kix_Dance Moshi_Monsters_-_Mr_Snoodle_-_Do_The_Doodle Moshi_Monsters_-_CocoLoco_-_Bongo_Colada
Moshi_Monsters_-_The_IGGY_Chomp_-_Official_Music_Video_HD Moshi_Monsters_-_Uptown_Fifi!_-_The_Official_Music_Video Moshi_Monsters_-_Blingo_"Diggin'_Ya_Lingo"_-_Official_Music_Video_-_Use_Code_'BLING'_For_Free_ROX!
Moshi_Monsters_-_Hansel_-_Bad_to_the_Biscuit Moshi_Monsters_-_ShiShi's_Lullaby_Music_Video_-_Use_code_LULLABY_for_FREE_ROX! Moshi_Monsters_-_Shoney_the_Amazin'_Blazin'_Raisin
Moshi_Monsters_-_Head_Over_Heels_-_Zack_Binspin_FT_Blingo_-_Use_'SAVEZACKBINSPIN'_for_Free_Gift! Four_Claw_Hi-Yaa_Hurricane
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