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Moshi Monsters Village is a Moshi Monsters app available worldwide on the Apple App Store. The game is free to play but includes in-app purchases. The app allows players to build their own Moshi Monsters village and populate it with Moshlings.


Moshi Monsters Village was originally intended for release in 2012, published by 'GREE' and developed by 'Tag Games'. A trailer was made but then abandoned. GREE UK then shut down, leaving Mind Candy to take over the game as publisher and Tag Games continuing to develop the game.

The app then officially released on December 18th, 2013. Until February 2nd, 2014 the app was only available in the United Kingdom. After, it was announced on The Daily Growl and by Mind Candy on several social networks that the app had gone global.

With the release of Apple's iOS 11 on September 19th, 2017, the app no longer works on devices which have updated to the new operating system. iOS 11 no longer supports 32-bit apps or those which haven't been updated in two years. This means that apple devices such as the iPhone 8 or later will not support the app. Additionally, older Apple devices will have to decide to either not update to keep the app, or update and loose the ability to play the game. However, if Mind Candy updates the application then this will be reverted.


In the game, you collect Moshlings from Rescue missions at Buster's Base Camp. Each mission costs Gloop, which takes about 10 minutes to regenerate. 

Caring For Moshlings
To keep your Moshlings happy, you will need to feed, wash and tickle them.  
In-Game Moshling Code
A code for the Twistletoe Berries is achievable via the app.

Version History (iOS)

1.7 - 19th May 2014

Loads of new Moshi-tastic new features for you to enjoy!

  • New mini-game! Check out the new Moshi Arcade and visit it to play Flappy Quack!
  • Mr. Moshi's coming to town! Pay close attention to your town Villagers, as Mr. Moshi is visiting players with some urgent tasks that can net you awesome prizes!
  • How cool is your Village? Rate your friends Villages with a grade and improve your own rank if your Village get a high score.
  • Bug fixes and optimization improvements to make your game run more smoothly.

Please Note: To play this game with this update, players need iOS 5.0 or above.

1.6 - 2nd April 2014

  • Various bug fixes and optimisations.

1.5.1 - 17th March 2014

  • Fixed a critical bug preventing players from getting into the game.

1.5 - 11th March 2014

  • We're looking for the most creative Villages in the Moshi-verse! Checkout the new Flagpole and tell us what Grade your village is!
  • Hiii-ya! Someone told me a new set of Moshlings will be available soon, but who could it be?
  • Bug Fixes and Improvements.

1.4 - 24th January 2014

  • Additional bug fixes and stability improvements.
  • Find friends with even when connecting with Facebook!
  • You can now have up to 40 friends so you can collect Mr. Snoodle!

1.3 - 18th December 2013

  • Visit the amazing Moshi Monsters Movie Cinema and get free coins!
  • Bug fixes and improvements.
  • Ask your friends for their friend code and get rare Moshlings for free!
  • Need more Gloop? Send and receive it for free from friends!

1.0.1 - 10th September 2013

  • Struggling to level up? Decorations now give XP when purchased.
  • Weekly events and items!
  • Upgrade to large houses with coins!
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

1.0.0 - 1st July 2013

  • Initial release.


The following are credited on the 'about' section of the settings in the DIY Store.

Role Credited Individual(s)
Chief Executive Officer Michael Acton Smith
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Finanical Officer
Divinia Knowles
Chief Product Officer Chia Chin Lee
Chief Community & Safety Officer Rebecca Newton
Chief Business Development Officer/Chief Licensing Officer Darran Garnham
Chief People Officer Penny Handscomb
Senior Producer/Game Designer Anil Das-Gupta
Producer Gareth Mills
Mobile Marketing Officer Lea Kim
Senior Global Product Marketing Manager Andy Matjaszek
Head of Visual Development John Taylor
Art Director Jeff Hall
Head Writer Steve Cleverley
Lead Audio Designer Daan Hendriks
Sound Designer Andy Inwood
Junior Audio Designer Michael Taylor
Head of QA Darren Loveless
QA Engineers Ioannis Lefkaditis
Additional QA Support Testology Ltd
Customer Service and Moderation
Head of Community Claire Panter
Head of Customer Services LiLi Customer Services
Wtih special thanks to all Mind Candies past and present
CEO  Paul Farley
CTO Robert Henning
Game Design Brek Carr
Programmers Scott Downie
Nicolas Tanda
Sean Jardine
Joe Dixon
Thomas Kronberg
Francisco Mendonca
Simon McDonnell
Phillip Cooper-King
Additional Programmers Andrew Glass
Alan Clelland
Server Engineers Drew Anderson
Stephen McIntyre
Additional Server Engineers Stephen Rennie
Art Stewart Graham
Faye Right
Jim Mcleish
Pier Curto
Production Marc Williamson
Data Analysis Chris Kelly
QA Gregor Hare
Additional QA Kevin Black
Chris Papadopoulos
Jurgita Rainyte
Kayleigh Hendry
Sean Thurmond
Shauna McMenemy
David Ferguson
Scott Westwater
Kemal Thompson
Kyoko Matsushita; Ed Relf; Ryotaro Shima; Kumiko Kataoka; Shinsuke Mori; Pietro Guardascione; Lynn Daniel; Cormac Doyle; Takuya Amakawa; Lucia Granda; Chris Bolton; Tsuyoshi Okino; Patricia Benitez; Kevin Danager; Matt Knifton; Nick Bartlett; Kim Eeson; Jamie Ingham; Yoko Maeda; John Masaya Lee; Andres Tallos; Phillp Morris; Mathieu Youna; Luke Boniface; Vincenzo Alagna; Rasmus Hansen; Yoshia Makino; Felicity Herst; Lawrence Clark; Jeremy Hogan; Marc Haxell; Gavin Mattheson; Charmie Kim; Steve Moy; Amy Hsieh; Taku Yamamoto; Floria Ziegler; Eiji Arakil; Keiko Correia; Tomoo Uzen; Alejandro Nino; Dimitris Gkoris; Simon Brewer; Franck Sebastien; Yuki Isobe; Denise Lowe; Maritjn Meijering; Alessandro Pagila; Tomoaki Sawa; Emrah Elmsali; Megumi Jinno; Tassos Bistios; Tsuyoshi Tanaka; Pawel Chalcias
No Moshis were harmed during the making of this game


  • Strangely, all Moshi Monsters Village codes actually work in-game, but only provide a reward of 1 Rox.




Old Trailer Version 

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2.0 Screenshots