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Not to be confused with Cuddly Moshlings.

Moshi Monsters Plush Toys are real-life cuddly toys that are based on the Moshlings and Monsters in Moshi Monsters. They were one of the many things fans could buy from the Moshi Monsters Pop-Up Shop and the Moshi Bus.

Vivid Imaginations made three series which are nowadays quite difficult to find due to their age. Carte Blanche had also made three series, titled the Moshlings Collection. They were sold at Clintons/Clinton Cards and Smyths.

Vivid first created the soft toys in 2011 and after the 3 series lifespan. TY got the license to create the plush toys, with a short lifespan, only creating 2 series of plush and a mini series of plush key rings.

The last to own the license was Carte Blanche but a recent email from the company states that no new plush have been planned "for the time being".

The Moshlings Collection plush toys contain an exclusive Moshling code of the Moshling plush when purchased. For example, if a customer purchases the Jiggles plush, then they will get a secret code for the Aster-oids. The Vivid Imaginations plushes include secret codes to unlock a Cuddly Moshling in-game.

Moshi Twilight Toy Fair

Moshi Twilight plushes at London Toy Fair 2019

In 2018 it was announced that Posh Paws International would be the official plush partner for the Moshi Twighlight sub-brand. The four Sleepies Moshlings are planned to release in two sizes and will launch in July 2019[1].

Vivid Imaginations

Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

Limited Edition


Series 1

Series 2


Carte Blanche (Moshlings Collection)

Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

Series 4 (Unreleased)

Limited Edition

*Lubber was exclusive to SEA LIFE centre gift shops. Lubber was unique in being the only Moshling plush to redeem 100 Rox as opposed to their respective seed packet. In addition, Lubber was the only Moshling plush to have their tag attached by rope rather than plastic. *Scamp was limited edition for a short time, but was later sold in Clintons.[3]


Moshlings collection stand with new plushies

The image on the right shows a plush display stock photo, provided to the London Toy Fair 2014

These plush were cancelled. None of the marketing of the Moshlings Collection indicated plans for plush of Monsters. Other shown plush are prototype versions of released plush, showing Mini Ben with both its towers and a red I.G.G.Y. (possibly Fumble). Others are missing coloured eyes.

Listing of shown unknown plush

Hansel Plush

Unknown Hansel Plush

On July 7th, 2016 the official Moshi Monsters Twitter account reposted a picture which portrays a Hansel plush. This plush is a prototype and was planned to release alongside White Fang and Oddie however never made it to stores. It was found by a friend to Mind Candy who visited their Petlandia office (a brand for Mind Candy that specialises in personalised products featuring your pet) and supposedly found it on a dress made out of Moshling plush. Interestingly; the dress did not feature the plush in promotional material for it.

Cocoloco Plush

Carte Blanche Cocoloco

In 2018 Mind Candy updated their website, showcasing their office. On one of the images, a Cocoloco plush can be seen. It is highly likely to be a prototype Carte Blanche plush given the style and amount of prototypes previously created by the company. No further details are known.

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  • Some plushes have codes which are not yet activated and provide the user with 1 Rox, being Leo, Tomba and Scamp. 
  • Some plushes have seeds which do not attract Moshlings, being Purdy and Gabby.
  • The Carte Blanche plush were originally planned to release in America under Justice stores, the main supplier for American Moshi merch. This did not happen, and because of this the plush remained UK exclusive.




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