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Moshi Monsters Mash Up Trading Cards are a Moshi Monsters card game where fans can collect cards and battle with their friends. 


Types of Cards

There are many types are cards in the game. Normal cards, foil cards, rainbow foil cards, code cards are the types of cards found in all series. Further additions include Moshling Code Cards  Heat Reveal, Scratch 'n' Sniff, Micro Text, Holographic Foil Cards, and Mini Cards.


  • At Longleat Safari Park, from the 27th of March - 7th April, there was a Swap Shop to swap Series 3 cards.
  • Before going into retirement, Moshi fans could swap cards at the Moshi Bus.


Series 1: Moshi Monsters

Series 2: Super Moshis

Series 3: Code Breakers

Series 4: Moshling Madness

Series 5: Party