Moshi Monsters Magazine: Issue 53 is the fifty-third issue of the Moshi Monsters Magazine, that was released on the 12th of March 2015 and was available in shops until the 8th of April 2015.

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Page Number Page Title
2 The Daily Growl
4 Your Moshlings
5 Create Your Own Foodie Moshling
6 Food Factory
8 Yum Yum Kitchen
10 Monster Munchies Puzzles
12 How to Draw! 
14 BFF Magazine Advertisement
15 MunchStro City!
16 Suey vs Coolio
18 Food Factory poster
20 Real Life!
22 Furi Food Fight!
23 The Fangtastic Fan Interview!
24 Puzzle Palace
26 Comic: Twisted Twister!
28 Red Nose Day Advertisement
29 Picnic Panic
30 Pops Poster
31 Moshling Habitats
32 Gallery
34 Puzzle Answers
35 Next Issue
36 Clay Buddies


Fuddy Winner katiesdadron
Moshling Habitats Pops
VS Suey vs Coolio
How to Draw! Hansel & Yolka
Real Life! Food Around The World!
Yum Yum Kitchen Mice Krispies
Fangtasic Fan Interview! Oddie
Comic Twisted Twister!


  • Issue 53 is the first issue to cost £3.75, which has risen from £3.25.
  • The glossy texture of the magazine has returned in this issue.



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