Moshi Monsters Magazine: Issue 43 is the forty-third issue of the Moshi Monsters Magazine, that was released on the 5th of June 2014 and was available in shops until the 2nd of July 2014.

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Page Number Page Title
3 The Daily Growl
6 Design-a-Moshling
10 Moshi Comic
12 Moshiversity Puzzles
14 Make It: HipHop Hideaway
14 Making the Moshi Ad
16 Ninjas vs Sporties
18 Moshi Goodies
19 White Fang Interview
20 Moshi Story Part 1
22 Get Your Moshiversity Degree!
24 Moshi Competitions
25 Underwater Poster
26 Katsuma Poster
29 Fact File: Beau Squiddly
30 Stat Attack!
32 Puzzle Palace
34 Moshi Story Part 2
36 Moshi Star!
37 Magazine Subscriptions
38 Rofl's ROFLs
40 Welcome to Jollywood Memory Game
42 Real Life: Dolphins
44 Moshling Habitats: Weegul
46 Design a VROOMtastic Moshi Karts Outfit!
47 Puzzle Answers
48 Moshi Gallery
50 Bongo Colada Food Factory Information Sheet


Fact File Beau Squiddly
Moshi Story Moshiversity Meltdown
Real Life Dolphins
Make It HipHop Hideaway
Fan Interview White Fang by Jeorg
Moshling Habitats Weegul


  • This is the first issue to have Weegul as a subscription Moshling.
  • This issue doesn't have a Yum Yum Kitchen or MonSTAR of the Month section in it.
  • This is the first issue to cost £3.25.



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