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Far beyond Monstro City...
East of Franzipan Farm...
Just before Lake Neon Soup...
Lies Buster Bumblechops' Moshling Sanctuary!
A place where little Moshlings live and play...

Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt is an iOS/Android app that is themed around taking care of Moshlings as you hatch them daily, tying into the Egg Hunt book. The game was released on October 26th 2016 and has a target demographic of 6-8 year-olds. The game is free to play and contains no in-app purchases, however, players can purchase a membership subscription which gives them more access to minigames, in-game items and golden spoons. The players can additionally purchase the Egg Hunt book to unlock an additional personalised Moshling of their own choice (as the app randomly generates a Moshling for the player).

Starting from update 3.6 the app is available to beta test for Google Play store members. The user can sign up to testing by visiting the app's page in the store and scrolling down to find the message. This gives the user access to updates early so that they can test the app ready for the universal release.

As of 5th June, 2019, the app does not have any further updates due. 



Moshi Monsters is back, and this time it’s all about catching and hatching Moshling eggs! Who’s in the egg? Only YOU can find out!

Hatch, customise and name your very own unique pet Moshling! Then with help from Buster Bumblechops, hatch a new Moshling friend every day to build your collection! You can then play games and solve puzzles to earn Rox, which can be used to buy monsterific food and room items. You can even wash your Moshlings and clean up their poop! Can you collect all the Moshlings and create the ultimate Moshling home?

Make your egg hunt even more monsterific with the amazing Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt book. This goopendous adventure is crammed with hidden codes and stars a totally unique, specially created Moshling named after YOU!

- ADOPT, CUSTOMISE and NAME your very own unique pet Moshling!
- HATCH a new Moshling every day!
- CARE for your Moshlings, FEED them and decorate their home!
- SOLVE PUZZLES and play fun mini GAMES to earn ROX to spend in the SHOP!
- UNLOCK goopendous goodies using the SECRET CODES found in Moshi Monsters Series 1 Egg Hunt TRADING CARDS and the Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt book!
- ADD your FRIENDS’ unique Moshlings to YOUR collection!
- SUPER MOSHLINGS, ultra rare, cape-wearing superheroes in tough to crack egg!
- The BUMBLETRON 9000 DELUXE, a wild and wacky contraption, it’s the only thing capable of cleaning up Super Moshling Eggs!
- GOLDEN SPOONS! Lost for centuries, ultra rare and perfect for smashing open Super Moshling
- FRIEND COUNTER! See how many friends have added your Moshling to their collection!
- DAILY REWARDS, spin the wheel, gasp in surprise at the goopendous prizes!



You start the app with an overview of Monstro City before you are taken into Buster Bumblechops' Moshling Sanctuary, where he shows you a Moshling egg (which is randomised for each player). You are told to keep tapping until your Moshling is free, to which Buster exclaims the Moshling's name and species. The Moshling is then added to your zoo. You are then prompted to play a game of hide and seek to find the next Moshling egg for you to hatch. Each Moshling egg takes a day to hatch.

The game is essentially hatching and finding Moshling eggs to complete your zoo. However, there are minigames the player can play to unlock items and food to decorate the Moshling treehouse, a smaller version of the player's house from the online game, excluding the Monster and just featuring the Moshlings. You can have up to four Moshlings in the treehouse at a time. There are two games the player can play at any time, mixing and matching eggs and a claw machine game. Items and food are recycled from the online game and Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo (video game).



An example of data, containing Two Scoops who is unobtainable.

Egg Hunt reuses Moshling assets, sets and information from the original online game. Not all Moshling sets are available, but those who are are fully complete hold all four Moshlings. Moshling sets hold a Super Moshling, a fifth member of the set that can be unlocked once the set in question is completed. The Super Moshling must be hatched with a golden spoon from a Super Moshling Egg.

Unlike the online game, Egg Hunt provides a new Moshling set, the Friendlies. This holds personalised Moshlings of which the player can obtain by hatching eggs or entering secret codes. Currently, there are 120 different possible friendlies Moshlings that a player can have: 30 characters in 4 different colour schemes. Additionally, Captain Peck serves as an exclusive code Moshling who resides in the Friendlies set, increasing this number by 1.

Remnant within the game's code is a set called the "Specials", holding Little Chief Two Scoops. Oddly, the game downloads the data for the Specials, which implies availability.

List of Moshling sets

Excluding the Friendlies Moshlings, the game currently holds a total of 230 'standard' Moshlings from the following sets:

  1. Arties
  2. Beasties
  3. Birdies
  4. Cuties
  5. Dinos
  6. Festives
  7. Fishies
  8. Fluffies
  9. Foodies
  10. Frosties
  11. Fuzzies
  12. Gurus
  13. Hipsters
  14. Kitties
  15. Luckies
  16. Movies
  17. Munchies
  18. Mythies
  19. Naughties
  20. Nicknacks
  21. Ninjas
  22. Noisies
  23. Nutties
  24. Ponies
  25. Puppies
  26. Puzzlies
  27. RoxStars
  28. Salties
  29. Screamies
  30. Secrets
  31. Sleepies
  32. Smilies
  33. Snowies
  34. Sparklies
  35. Sploshies
  36. Spookies
  37. Sporties
  38. Techies
  39. Techies 2.0
  40. Toomies
  41. Tunies
  42. Woodies
  43. Worldies
  44. Yeehaws
  45. Yuckies
  46. Zoshlings

List of Moshlings

Super Moshlings

Main article: Super Moshlings



When each Moshling hatches from its egg, Buster Bumblechops introduces the Moshling:

Name Audio Name Audio
Intro Angel
Intro Big Bad Bill
Intro Blurp
Intro Burnie
Intro Cali
Intro Chester
Intro Chop Chop
Intro Dipsy
Intro DJ Quack
Intro Doris
Intro Ecto
Intro Flash
Intro Flumpy
Intro Fuddy
Intro Fumble
Intro Gabby
Intro General Fuzuki
Intro Gigi
Intro Gingersnap
Intro Glugg
Intro Gurgle
Intro Gumz
Intro HipHop
Intro Holga
Intro Honey
Intro Humphrey
Intro I.G.G.Y.
Intro Jackpot
Intro Jeepers
Intro Jessie
Intro Jinx
Intro Kissy
Intro Lady Meowford
Intro Little Chief Two Scoops
Intro Long Beard
Intro Mr. Snoodle
Intro Nipper
Intro Oompah
Intro Pablo
Intro Peppy
Intro Plinky
Intro Pongo
Intro Pooky
Intro Priscilla
Intro Prof. Purplex
Intro Purdy
Intro Rofl
Intro Scarlet O'Haira
Intro Shambles
Intro Shelby
Intro Sherman
Intro ShiShi
Intro Snookums
Intro Sooki-Yaki
Intro Squidge
Intro Stanley
Intro Tiamo
Intro Thumpkin
Intro Tiki
Intro Toshi
Intro Trubble
Intro Tuco
Intro Waldo
Intro Wallop
Intro Wanda
Intro Whoopi
Intro Wurley


Egg Hunt shop food icon.png

Food items are fed to Moshlings instead of your monster. Whilst for your monster, it's part of taking care of them, keeping them happy so they can level which opens new possibilities in the game, it has absolutely no function in Egg Hunt as it has no reward nor consequences. It is comparable to the Moshi Monsters mini game Moshling Clean-Up.

Moshlings can be fed all the time. They display an icon of a fork and knife when they explicitly want food and do not move in this state. If you leave the room and come back, they are no longer hungry. When fed, Moshlings react like in Food Factory, but as there is no leveling or rewards it has no further purpose. Moshlings will leave droppings regardless if you feed them or not. There is neither a purpose for this feature, as cleaning it up will not leave them happier nor cause any inconvenience.

Interesting to note is that design wise all aspects of 'monstrous' have been removed. Sour Milk is Fresh Milk.

Oh look! Something for your Moshling!
Item ID Cost Item ID Cost
Egg Hunt food Refreshing Cucumber.png
Refreshing Cucumber 0 20
Egg Hunt food Tasty Cupcake.png
Tasty Cupcake 1 40
Egg Hunt food Fresh Milk.png
Fresh Milk 2 40
Egg Hunt food Orange Juice.png
Orange Juice 3 30
Egg Hunt food Roast Turkey.png
Roast Turkey 4 90
Egg Hunt food Rainbow Ice Cream.png
Rainbow Ice Cream 5 60
Egg Hunt food Mint Glump Cake.png
Mint Glump Cake 6 30
Roarberry Ice Pop.png
Roarberry Ice Pop 7 40
Pepper Popcorn.png
Pepper Popcorn 8 70
Egg Hunt food Fairy Cake.png
Fairy Cake 9 50
Grande Gateau.png
Grande Gateau 10 80
Egg Hunt food Spam Burger.png
Spam Burger 11 40
Egg Hunt food Scummi Bears.png
Scummi Bears 12 40
Sludge Fudge.png
Sludge Fudge 13 170
Eye Pie.png
Eye Pie 14 120
Egg Hunt food Mr. Tea.png
Mr. Tea 15 250
Jelly Baked Beans.png
Jelly Baked Beans 16 130
Egg Hunt food Silly Chilli.png
Silly Chilli 17 160
Slug Slurp Slushie.png
Slug Slurp Slushie 18 170
Spicy Dragon Rolls.png
Spicy Dragon Rolls 19 180
Mice Krispies.png
Mice Krispies 20 140
Egg Hunt food Chocolate Egg.png
Chocolate Egg 21 110
Themepark Giant Pretzel.png
Giant Pretzel 22 190
Essence of Gloop.png
Essence of Gloop 23 300
Moshling Theme Park Hamburger.png
Shamburger 24 140
Pop Rox.png
Pop Rox 25 150
Bangers and Mash.png
Bangers and Mash 26 100
Dessert Island.png
Dessert Island 27 225
Sardine Surprise.png
Sardine Surprise 28 150
Blubbergum Sundae.png
Blubbergum Sundae 29 275
Cavy-argh 30 120
Strawberry Clam Toast.png
Strawberry Clam Toast 31 180
Cannon-elloni 32 110
Sea Slug Stew.png
Sea Slug Stew 33 160
Club SANDwich.png
Club Sandwich 34 130
Smelly Sock Pie.png
Smelly Sock Pie 35 200
Bottled pong.png
Bottled Pong 36 100
Theme Park Fudge.png
Themepark Fudge 37 190


  • ID's 13-37 were added from iOS update 2.0.
  • The Scummi Bears appear without their accessories.
  • "Rainbow Ice Cream" appears without umbrella and removal of its Cloud Castle origins in name
  • Fairy Cake appears without wings
  • "Fresh Milk" without cow logo and sourness.
  • "Tasty Cupcake" without face
  • "Mint Glump Cake" without face but still named "Glump"
  • "Spam Burger" without eye olive
  • "Roast Turkey"without one pair of legs making it 4 legs in total

Egg Hunt shop furniture icon.png
Oh look! Something for your room!
Unlike the items in the web-browser game, Items in Egg Hunt have no values attached to them, which they have no concept of space or weight nor can be interacted with, other than moving them. This is especially apparent with Arcade items and Cabinet items as their function as items in Moshi Monsters rendered to mere posters. One can obtain an unlimited amount of items but the rooms cannot hold more than ten.

Items can be obtained from the shop, the wheel of fortune or from hatching an egg and declining on adding a duplicate Moshling to your zoo. To get rid of items, one can send them to friends or sell them over at Dodgy Dealz.

Item ID Cost Item ID Cost
Bug's Big Bounce.png
Bug's Arcade Machine 0 1200
Octo's Eco Adventure.png
Octo's Arcade Machine 1 1300
Cat Cactus 2 600
Chaise Lounge.png
Fancy Chair 3 2100
Rocking Chair.png
Rocking Chair 4 300
Chair of the Future.png
Chair of the Future 5 1000
Furry Luv Chair.png
Furry Chair 6 100
Rainbow Chair.png
Rainbow Chair 7 1100
Lickable Lounger.png
Lickable Lounger 8 700
Squishy Stool.png
Squishy Stool 9 300
Peacock Chair.png
Peacock Chair 10 2000
Kookie Cuckoo Clock.png
Cuckoo Clock 11 1200
Star Clock.png
Star Clock 12 1200
Heart-shaped Beanbag.png
Heart Shaped Bean Bag 13 1100
Monster Pouffe.png
Monster Pouffe 14 300
Super Star Dresser.png
Superstar Dresser 15 2100
Old Fireplace 16 30
Groovy Flower.png
Fresh Flower 17 300
Flying V Guitar.png
Electric Guitar 18 1300
The Lil Rocking Guitar.png
Love Guitar 19 1300
Egg Hunt shop furniture icon.png
Funky Keyboard 20 100
Egg Hunt shop furniture icon.png
Popstar Microphone 21 600
Egg Hunt shop furniture icon.png
Golden Mirror 22 600
Groovy Window.png
Groovy Mirror 23 600
Egg Hunt shop furniture icon.png
Magic Mirror 24 2000
Egg Hunt shop furniture icon.png
Fishy Painting 25 2200
Egg Hunt shop furniture icon.png
Giraffe Painting 26 700
Egg Hunt shop furniture icon.png
Magical Rainbow 27 650
Egg Hunt shop furniture icon.png
Flutterby Cabinet 28 1100
Egg Hunt shop furniture icon.png
Green Cabinet 29 30
Egg Hunt shop furniture icon.png
Fancy Cabinet 30 1900
Egg Hunt shop furniture icon.png
Space Glove 31 300
Egg Hunt shop furniture icon.png
Big Bad Boombox 32 1900
Egg Hunt shop furniture icon.png
Posh Table 33 1900
Egg Hunt shop furniture icon.png
Groovy Table 34 600
Egg Hunt shop furniture icon.png
Tiki Table 35 300
Egg Hunt shop furniture icon.png
Hoohaa Shelf 36 700
Egg Hunt shop furniture icon.png
FOOT Table 37 650
Hairy Green Paw Chair.png
Hairy Paw Chair 38 1000
Barfalona Chair.png
Barfalona Chair 39 300
Cloud Chair.png
Cloud Chair 40 1000
Scare Chair.png
Scare Chair 41 650
Megaphone 42 400
Blue Puzzle Shelf.png
Blue Puzzle Shelf 43 350
Boulder Table.png
Boulder Table 44 350
Toffee Crunch Couch.png
Fudge Sofa 45 500
Candy Floss Machine.png
Candy Floss Machine 46 550
Pepito Bird.png
Carnaval Pepito 47 550
Lime Puzzle Shelf.png
Green Puzzle Shelf 48 350
Chemistry Set.png
Che-MESS-try Set 49 550
Choc Clock.png
Choc Clock 50 500
Compass 51 350
Diver's Fishtank.png
Fishtank Helmet 52 400
WallScrawl Shooting Star.png
Shooting Star 53 450
Dino the Dino's Body.png
Moshisaurus Body 54 450
Dino the Dino's Head.png
Moshisaurus Head 55 500
Dino the Dino's Leg.png
Moshisaurus Leg 56 350
Dino the Dino's Tail.png
Moshisaurus Tail 57 400
Disco Lights.png
Disco Lights 58 400
Dream Snatcher.png
Dream Snatcher 59 400
Fried Egg Rug.png
Egg Rug 60 400
Eye Clock.png
Eye Clock 61 450
Eye Phone.png
Eye Phone 62 550
Fablo Fiasco.png
Fablo Fiasco 63 550
Toupee Table.png
Toupe Table 64 450
Peppergroany Rug.png
Peppergroany Rug 65 350
Fuzzy Rug.png
Fuzzy Rug 66 450
Gumball Machine.png
Gumball Machine 67 500
Sock Monkey.png
Sock Monkey 68 400
Jeepers Mirror.png
Wubbly Mirror 69 450
Jelly Copter.png
Jelly Copter 70 350
Lava Lamp.png
Lava Lamp 71 450
Jukebox 72 500
15 Million Aquarium.png
Glug 'N' Splosh Aquarium 73 550
Chandelier 74 500
Octopus Table.png
Octopus Table 75 550
Peppy's Bike.png
Peppy's Bike 76 500
Aarrr! Pirate Flag.png
Pirate Flag 77 800
Egyptian Cat Statue.png
Egypt Cat 78 950
Rocket Powered Skateboard 79 950
Spider Dartboard.png
Spider Dartboard 80 899
Tesla Lamp.png
Tesla Lamp 81 900
Theme Park Rodeo Machine.png
Rodeo Machine 82 900
Tribal Mask Uno.png
Tribal Mask 83 800
Black Pearl of Potion Ocean.png
Black Pearl 84 900
Nutz and Boltz Chair.png
Nutz and Boltz Chair 85 750
Arm Chair.png
Arm Chair 86 750
Candy Standy.png
Candy Cane Coat Stand 87 750
Harmony Harp.png
Harp [note 1] 88 950
Popcorn Lamp.png
Popcorn Lamp 89 850
Scary Gargoyle.png
Angry Gargoyle 90 850
Cheeky Gargoyle.png
Silly Gargoyle 91 850
Mag Chocolate Fountain.png
Chocolate Fountain 92 1600
Haunted TV.png
Haunted TV 93 1500
Anchors Aweigh!.png
Anchors Aweigh 94 1400
Queen's Throne.png
King Chair 95 1800
Hip Hoppity Hop Hop.png
Space Hopper 96 1400
Crystal Chandelier.png
Crystal Chandelier 97 1700
Penny Farthing.png
Penny Farthing 98 1700
18 Carat Shiny Parrot.png
Shiny Parrot 99 1600
Rockin' Rocking Chair.png
Rockin' Rocking Chair 100 1500
Circus Cannon.png
Circus Cannon 101 1400
Egg Hunt shop furniture icon.png
Crystal Fountain 102 1700
Disco Ball.png
Disco Ball 103 1600
Golden Treasure Map.png
Treasure Map 104 1500
Hoverboard 105 1800
Jetpack 106 1800
Flaming Sword of Awesomeness.png
Sword of Awesomeness 107 2400
Platinum Pants of Power.png
Platinum Pants 108 2500
Pogo-Go-Go 109 2200
Robot Butler.png
Robot Butler 110 2300
Rockout Chair.png
Rockout Chair 111 2300
Egg Hunt Ethan Statue.png
Ethan Statue 112 x
Egg Hunt Evan Statue.png
Evan Statue 113 x
Egg Hunt Jillian Statue.png
Jillian Statue 114 x
Egg Hunt Ryan Statue.png
Ryan Statue 115 x
Egg Hunt Tiana Statue.png
Tiana Statue 116 x

Oh look! Something for your Moshling!
Item ID Cost Item ID Cost
Egg Hunt Candy Floor.png
Candy Floor 0 300
Egg Hunt Groovy Floor.png
Groovy Floor 1 100
Egg Hunt Dress Up Floor.png
Dress Up Floor 2 100
Egg Hunt Space Floor.png
Space Floor 3 100
Egg Hunt Underwater Floor.png
Underwater Floor 4 300
Egg Hunt Cloud Floor.png
Cloud Floor 5 300
Egg Hunt Forest Floor.png
Forest Floor 6 300
Egg Hunt Castle Floor.png
Castle Floor 7 400
Egg Hunt Circus Floor.png
Circus Floor 8 400
Egg Hunt Jungle Floor.png
Jungle Floor 9 400
Egg Hunt Beach Floor.png
Beach Floor 10 400
Egg Hunt Haunted Floor.png
Haunted Floor 11 400
Egg Hunt Snow Floor.png
Snow Floor 12 500
Egg Hunt Pyramid Floor.png
Pyramid Floor 13 500

+ Windows + Doors + Wallpapers



Like the online game, Egg Hunt has an option to enter secret codes. Unlike the online game, codes are now entered using symbols and shapes instead of numbers. Codes are found inside the Egg Hunt book and redeem Moshlings that cannot be obtained by hatching eggs during normal gameplay. These Moshlings, along with the codes are:

ShiShi Square.pngCircle.pngCircle.png Pooky Plus.pngHeart.pngSquare.png Honey Moon.pngPlus.pngHeart.png
Chop Chop Triangle.pngSquare.pngMoon.png Mr. Snoodle Circle.pngTriangle.pngStar.png Burnie Heart.pngHeart.pngStar.png
Stanley Moon.pngTriangle.pngStar.png Blurp Moon.pngSquare.pngTriangle.png Willow Circle.pngHeart.pngMoon.png
Vinnie Circle.pngStar.pngSquare.png Lady Meowford Circle.pngPlus.pngHeart.png Waldo Square.pngHeart.pngPlus.png
Fizzy Circle.pngMoon.pngTriangle.png Toasty Plus.pngStar.pngTriangle.png Gigi Triangle.pngMoon.pngStar.png
Bobbi SingSong Square.pngTriangle.pngMoon.png Lubber Triangle.pngHeart.pngTriangle.png Fuddy Plus.pngSquare.pngPlus.png
Sprinkles Pentagon.pngDiamond.pngDrop.png Squidge Moon.pngMoon.pngCircle.png Gabby Plus.pngCircle.pngTriangle.png
Plinky Star.pngPlus.pngStar.png Slurpy Diamond.pngDrop.pngStar.png Splutnik Heart.pngTriangle.pngStar.png
Prof. Purplex Triangle.pngSquare.pngSquare.png Oddie Heart.pngCircle.pngTriangle.png Judder Square.pngHeart.pngStar.png
CocoLoco Circle.pngStar.pngHeart.png Leo Triangle.pngPlus.pngSquare.png Captain Peck Drop.pngPentagon.pngHeart.pngCircle.png Triangle.png Plus.png

The Friendlies Moshling(s) can be obtained by either hatching 30 Moshling eggs or entering a secret code from the book. Codes for Moshling eggs can be used once by each player. An internet connection is required to enter codes longer than three symbols as they are not stored in the app's data and thus need an external source to verify.

Cavi-arrr! Triangle.pngSquare.pngHeart.png Dessert Island Circle.pngSquare.pngMoon.png Club SANDwich Moon.pngStar.pngDiamond.png

Version History (iOS)

2.4 – 28th July 2017

Spin the all new Wheel of Moshiness for goopendous Daily Rewards!
New emoshi icons show your Moshling's various moods! Happy, sad, hungry and more!
Smaller app size means less space taken on your device and faster download times! Monsterific! (689MB-262MB)

2.3.1 - 17th July 2017

  • Minor Bugfixes

2.3 - 10th July 2017

  • Super Moshlings, ultra rare, cape-wearing super heroes in tough to crack eggs!
  • The Bumbletron 9000 Deluxe, a wild and wacky contraption, it’s the only thing capable of cleaning up Super Moshling Eggs!
  • Golden Spoons! Lost for centuries, ultra rare and perfect for smashing open Super Moshling Eggs!
  • Friend Counter! See how many friends have added your Moshling to their collection!
  • New Tutorial Video! Shows how to scan your Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt Trading Cards!

2.2 - 12th June 2017

Monsterific Puzzle Palace update.
Goopendous notifications enabled when your Moshling is ready to hatch.
General bug fixes.

2.1.1 - 25th May 2017

Pesky Glumps! Fixed an issue with entering secret codes :P

2.0 - 4th May 2017

WOW! MONSTROUS UPDATE! Check out all the goopendously monsterific new things you get to enjoy absolutely free!
- 56 NEW Moshlings to hatch
- Games arcade now open! 3 new mini games to master
- Puzzles and quizzes galore to solve in the Puzzle Palace
- Store now open. Buy everything you’ve ever dreamed of for your Moshling, from Silly Chilli to Fudge Sofas!
- 123 new items for your Moshling home
- Collect and scan the Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt Series 1 Trading Cards to unlock in game items!
- Monsterifically improved opening sequence for new users
- General polish and improvements

1.4 - 12th January 2017

What's New in Version 1.4
Naughty Glumps were bugging us, so here's an update!
- Fixed the problem with eggs not always hatching the next day for some Moshi fans
- Some Moshlings weren't showing up correctly
- All backgrounds in the Moshling collection now show correctly
Thanks for all the feedback folks!
Get your very own personalised Moshling in the Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt book! www.MoshiMonsters.Com/eggs

1.3 - 12th December 2016

What's New in Version 1.3
Mr Snoodle did a Doodle, so we've updated things a bit!

  • Loads more Moshling to collect!
  • Get a unique Moshling named after you, once you've collected 3 other Moshlings!
  • Buckets full of new items for your rooms!
  • Tweaks and bug fixes :)

Get your very own personalised Moshling in the Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt book! www.MoshiMonsters.Com/eggs

1.2 - 10th November 2016

What's New in Version 1.2
Hey Moshi fans! Here's another egg-citing update!
Discover secret codes and your very own personalised Moshling in the Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt book!
Who's in the egg? Only YOU can find out!

1.1 - 1st November 2016

What's New in Version 1.1
Hey Moshi fans! Here's an egg-citing update to make sure your Moshlings are behaving. More coming soon!
Discover secret codes and your very own personalised Moshling in the Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt book!
Who's in the egg? Only YOU can find out!

1.0 - 26th October 2016

  • Initial release



  1. The Harp is categorized under "chairs" as chair_17