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 Moshi Monsters: The Movie Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the second Moshi Monsters album, released on December 9th, 2013 and features the songs featured in Moshi Monsters: The Movie.

It consists of lyrical songs as well as instrumentals/bonus tracks. The content consists of:

  • Songs provided on the album have already debuted previously on Moshi TV Studios/Youtube as music videos and play but a vague role, if any, in the movie.
    • Head Over Heels
    • Uptown Fifi
    • Bongo Colada
    • Mr. Snoodle: Do the Doodle!
  • Re-release of songs already provided on Music Rox! that may not have had a music video as of yet and supposedly their addition to the movie should compromise this.
    • The Doctor Will See You Now
    • Sweet Tooth Stomp
    • Welcome to Jollywood
  • Entirely new songs
    • Shoney The Amazin' Blazin' Raisin'
    • Four Claw Hi Yaa Hurricane
    • There's No Escape From Sweet Tooth
    • Kerfuffling
    • We Can Do It
    • We're In This Together


No. TitleMusicArtist Length
1. "Moshi Monsters Fanfare"  
instrumental 0:18
2. "Four Claw Hi Yaa Hurricane"  
N/A 2:07
3. "Head Over Heels"  
Zack Binspin ft. Blingo 3:22
4. "Uptown Fifi"  
N/A ft. Fifi 1:28
5. "Shoney the Amazin' Blazin' Raisin (Song)"  
N/A ft. Shoney 1:42
6. "The Doctor Will See You Now"  
Dr. Strangeglove 2:16
7. "Bongo Colada"  
N/A ft. CocoLoco 1:11
8. "Sweet Tooth Stomp"  
Candy Caves Roarkers ft. Sweet Tooth 3:53
9. "There's No Escape From Sweet Tooth"  
N/A 3:02
10. "Welcome to Jollywood (song)"  
Bobbi SingSong ft. Jollywood citizens 4:09
11. "Kerfuffle"  
Bobbi SingSong 0:47
12. "We Can Do It"  
Poppet & Katsuma 2:39
13. "We're In This Together"  
Everyone 4:27
14. "The Snoodle Doodle"  
N/A ft. Mr. Snoodle 2:40
15. "Buster's Fall"  
instrumental 2:29
16. "Morning on Main Street"  
instrumental 1:39
17. "Down in the Sewers"  
instrumental 0:38
18. "If You Stand For Nothing"  
instrumental 1:21
19. "9E"  
instrumental 1:01
20. "The Exchange (Edit)"  
instrumental 3:30
21. "A Beautiful Reunion"  
instrumental 0:57
22. "Katsuma's Triumph"  
instrumental 1:58
23. "The 3 Elements"  
instrumental 0:49
24. "Strangeglove March"  
instrumental 0:58
25. "You? And Whose Army?"  
instrumental 1:46
Total length:


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