Moshi Monsters: The Movie, additional title: The Great Moshling Egg, was the first non-Music Video animated endeavor by the Moshi Monsters Franchise, going from the usual Direct-to-Youtube uploads to a cinematic release in both the United Kingdom as Australia.

Join Katsuma, Poppet, Mr. Snoodle, and the other Moshi Monsters in an action-packed, song-filled race against time! Together they must stop evil Dr. Strangeglove and his incompetent Glump sidekick Fishlips from pulverising the recently discovered Great Moshling Egg.

History & Marketing

It was the first non-Music Video animated endeavor by the Moshi Monsters Franchise, going from the usual Direct-to-Youtube uploads to a cinematic release in both the United Kingdom as Australia.

Radio station Fun Kids held interviews with children who went to the premiere and had Katsuma and Poppet (their VAs) take over the radio station.

Further Movie promotion was held at Alton Towers, where Buster Bumblechops, Poppet & Katsuma and Dr. Strangeglove were meetable and one could limbo to obtain the Purple Glitter Mrs. Snoodle figure.

The creation of the movie prompted the introduction of the Movies Moshling set, with mayor Movie character Blinki, all of which set members were obtainable for your Moshling Zoo in Moshi Monsters through the post-movie mission The Moshi Movie Mystery.
The mission takes place after the movie, where the Main Monsters arrive for the premiere of the movie. Dr. Strangeglove, who believes everyone has come to see him on the screen, decides to steal the movie. While celebrating his theft on an open space on the Scareforce One, he is struck by lighting and drops the film reel (supposedly four of them) in the Gombala Gombala Jungle. It is partially found by Big Bad Bill, a major franchise character that was not included in the movie aside the end credits. Long story short, the premiere is held in the Hoodoo village on giant stretched out underpants.

The music video of Shoney the Amazin' Blazin' Raisin was soon released after - as to explain why the song is included on the Movie Soundtrack. A year later, Four Claw Hi Yaa Hurricane would receive its own Music Video as well.

Director Wip Vernooij created a rigging model for Furi which would make animation more dynamic and easier to work with. He used this model for Foodtube with Jamie Oliver. Regardless his efforts, there were no plans for future animation with the brand relevance declining in their attempt to move over to mobile.


  1. Buster Bumblechops
  2. Katsuma
  3. Poppet
  4. Furi
  5. Luvli
  6. Zommer
  7. Diavlo
  8. Mr. Snoodle
  9. Roary Scrawl
  10. Blinki
  11. Dr. Strangeglove
  12. Fishlips
  13. Sweet Tooth
  14. Big Chief Bill
  15. Bobbi SingSong

Official Biographies

Movie Artwork characters Katsuma Katsuma

Katsuma is the well meaning but big-headed Moshi Monster obsessed with becoming a 'gooperstar'.
A fan of maritial arts he is forever trying to perfect new kung fu moves but nearly always messes them up.
In his quest to find the Great Moshling Egg Katsuma learns an important lesson: we're in this together!

Quit twisting my gooberries!
Movie Artwork characters Poppet Poppet

Impossible cute but brave and steely, Poppet is the Moshi Monster who is super-passionate about Moshlings.
She is always planting Moshling seeds in her backyard to attract more Moshlings, and is a very close to Mr Snoodle, her pet Silly Snuffler.
Did you also know that she's a great dancer thanks to her enchanted boots!

It's not all about you, it's about saving Monstro City!
Movie Artwork characters Furi Furi

Happy-go-lucky and constantly hungry, Furi is the dim but lovable Moshi Monster who is occasionally struck by genius (especially if food is involved).
A lumbering lummox, Furi is often getting himself and others in trouble thanks to his huge appetite. Yum!

Should I... or should I?
Movie Artwork characters Luvli Luvli

Flirty and aloof, Luvli is the fluttering Moshi Monster with a sharp tongue.
She can perform magic and, although it is a but unreliable, stun enemies with her enchanted stalk.
She sometimes flutters her eyelashes to get her way.

When I'm good I'm really good!
Movie Artwork characters Zommer Zommer

Oblivious to most things, Zommer is Monstro City's resident rocker. A big fan of Wobble-ade (the 'fizziest, dizziest soda in town'), this mishmash of a monster will do almost anything, however silly, just to see what happens.
Thankfully he seems to have nine lives... or maybe even eleventy!

I got an appetite for goo and a thirst for Wobble-ade!
Movie Artwork characters Diavlo Diavlo

Mischievous, impatient and short-tempered, Diavlo is the Moshi Monster who blows his top when he's angry or frustrated. This often leads to mayhem, as his head is an active volcano full of sizzly fizzly lava!
Diavlo has a manic voice that gets screechier the angrier he becomes. Eek!

Great lava lumps!
Movie Artwork characters Dr Strangeglove Dr Strangeglove

Criminal mastermind, twisted inventor, Glumper extraordinaire and former Doctor of Moshlinglology, Dr Strangeglove developed a twisted hatred for Moshlings after a Musky Husky he was experimenting on mistook his hand for a packet of sausaged and mangled it - thus the strange glove.
Strangeglove is a frustrated entertainer and founding member of C.L.O.N.C. (Criminal League of Naughty Critters).
He believes that by hatching the Great Moshling Egg, he can create a mega Glump that will lead his army to victory over Monstro City.

Today Monstro City, tomorrow the world... THE WORLD!
Movie Artwork characters Fishlips Fishlips

Fishlips is Dr Strangeglove's grovelling Glump sidekick. Dim but seriously loyal, this 'bumbling ball of badness' frequently misunderstands the Doc's orders. Spits and drools quit a bit. Likes boiled eggs!

See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!
Movie Artwork characters Sweet Tooth Sweet Tooth

C.L.O.N.C, Sweet Tooth never goes anywhere without a Hypno Blaster lollipop.
But is this candy criminal a he or a she? The last monster to ask is still in moshpital, wearing a gobstopper!

Ain't life sweet!
Movie Artwork characters Mr Snoodle Mr Snoodle

Impossibly cute and fiercely loyal, Mr Snoodle is the Silly Snuffler who never leaves Poppet's side.
This charming Moshling also enjoys doing the Doodle, snuffling for pumpernickel breadcrumbs and parping... via his highly musical snout!

Movie Artwork characters Roary Scrawl Roary Scrawl

Fast talking editor of the Daily Growl newspaper, Roary Scrawl is now directing movies with the help of his camcorder Moshling sidekick, Blinki. Obsessed with keeping Monstro City's citizens up to speed with all the ooze that's fit to print, Roary has eyes everywhere - literally.
Unfortunately he is afraid of flying, so travelling to far-flung Moshi destinations can be a problem.

Get it together, we've got a movie to make!


Moshi Monsters The Movie - TV Spot Universal Pictures

Moshi Monsters The Movie - TV Spot Universal Pictures

Moshi Monsters The Great Moshling Egg Sneak Peek Thing

Moshi Monsters The Great Moshling Egg Sneak Peek Thing


Buster Bumblechops ventures through the Gombala Gombala Jungle in search of a temple that would contain The Great Moshling Egg. Once finding it, Buster shows his great find to his search team and tumbles down the stairs breaking his leg in the process.

Poppet tends to her garden with Mr. Snoodle. Katsuma meets with her to talk about Roary Scrawl's movie in the making and how he reaches for stardom. They go into town to meet with him.

  • Monstro City is shown. An odd looking Flumpy leaves with Fifi through sewers.
  • Katsuma, Poppet and Mr. Snoodle enter diner and find Roary and Blinki. Roary likes a movie over a documentary. Furi, Diavlo, Luvli and Zommer are introduced. Roary wants them all to star which bums out fame and attention hungry Katsuma.
  • News reports on missing Moshlings epidemic and archcriminal Dr. Strangeglove and Sweet Tooth are still on the loose and looked for.
  • News cuts to Buster Bumblechops reporting on the egg he found which is now on display at his museum of Moshiness.
  • Poppet (not Katsuma) comes up with the egg being a nice addition to the movie (before Katsuma steals her additon to Roary Scroll) so the monster gang and Roary go to visit Buster's place.
  • Dr. Strangeglove is in sewers spying. Flumpy turns out to be Fishlips. Fifi is being put in the glumping machine. (code: *whistling*) They steal the egg.
  • Monsters arrive at Museum. Buster greets them. Wants to show nice egg but the fake egg was a yellow glump. Only a holographic kit device in which reveals Dr. Strangeglove has stolen it and threaten to destroy it for them to retrieve 3 items.

Fried Oobla Doobla, Blue Jeepers Tears and Rainbow Rox. The component to hatch the egg onto a giant monster glump.

  • Poppet anounces that her and the other moshis will collect the components and lower Strangeglove into their trap(which they haven't planed yet).
  • Buster gets them a Wurley powered balloon (called by whistling). Roary bails because he's afraid of flying. Blinki is now in charge of the movie. They leave with Snufflepeeps notes to the Gombala Gombala Jungle.
  • First to find Fried Oobla Doobla. Poppet and Zommer stay behind because Poppet reads notes and discovers that Wooly Blue Hoodoos communicate by whistling, Katsuma leads the rest of the gang onto the Woolly Blue Hoodoo village. Not really a warm welcome. Oh wait it is, because they are dumped in the cauldron because Katsuma can't whistle. Poppet and Zommer came to the rescue and the only way that they can the Oobla Doobla is to win the limbo against a tall blue hoodoo. Poppet can but fails at Limbo and was also tossed into the cauldron with the others. Zommer is great at limbo and receives the item and his friends.
  • They are off for Jollywood now and Zommer is lured back by the Hoodoos to party hard.
  • Furi follows tray of candy and the tumble down a hole to be captured by Sweet Tooth. In their escape, Diavlo and Luvli are captured in the blimp.
  • Inside the blimp, Strangeglove explains that he lost contact with Sweet Tooth and Katsuma is still traveling with Furi, Poppet and Snoodle. But his plan is still on shedual because they were getting the hatching supplies (of course) and the blimp was getting them.
  • At the enterence to Jollywood, Poppet was getting worried about Zommer, Diavlo and Luvli. They can't turn back for them but she worries that there could be none of them left if it continues.
  • At Jollywood they meet Bobbi SingSong, Katsuma's whiny antics make Blue Jeepers laugh to tears and thus they received that item. Bobbi teaches them to kerfuffle but due to Furi breaking the focus ring, he does not end up at Sillimanjaro like Katsuma, Poppet, Mr. Snoodle and Blinki did, but ends up in the blimp with Zommer, Diavlo and Luvli.
  • Katsuma, Poppet and Mr. Snoodle were trapped in a big blizard and Mr. Snoodle was struggling to stay warm when Katsuma finds a cave and decides to go in there. Poppet tries to convince Katsuma to change his mind when his yell caused an avalanch forcing Katsuma to grab Poppet and run into the cave.
  • Almost freezing to death, Katsuma tries his best to make a fire and Poppet blames the mess on Katsuma causing him to loss hope and start crying. She cheers them up by singing 'We can do it' to not give up and they find the Rainbow Rox.
  • Encountering Dr. Strangeglove, he takes of with both the items and egg and Mr. Snoodle supposedly falls to his death.
  • Now all trapped in a cage, Poppet continues to cry from her loss of Mr. Snoodle and Strangeglove braggs about him completing his plan.
  • Now captured all, Dr. Strangeglove is getting ready for Hatching the egg to turn it into a Super Glump.
  • The Moshi's try to escape, but they struggle. Katsuma fells bad about messing up his Hi Yaa Hurrican that Poppet's anger went so high that she blame Strangeglove getting the egg and the death of Mr. Snoodle all on him. Then a mirical came with Mr. Snoodle coming back alive using the Wurley powered balloon. Katsuma can't whistle. Mr. Snoodle can so Katsuma Hi-Yah Hurricane's up the contraption and frees all moshlings.
  • The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny
  • We're in this together
  • Katsuma learned the power of friendship, Also whistling as if that was necessary and the egg was Mrs. Snoddle
  • The temple where the egg was found reveals more egg.


Role Credited Individual(s)
Executive Producers Michael Acton Smith, Divinia Knowles, Darran Garnham
Directed by Wip Vernooij
Written by Steve Cleverley, Jocelyn Stevenson
Produced by Jocelyn Stevenson, Giles Healy
All Songs Written and Arranged by Steve Cleverley, Sanji Sen
Original Score Composer Sanji Sen
Co-Director Morgan Francis
Art Director Cako Facioli
Head of Story Andreas Von Andrian
Lead Story Artist Dean Roberts
Story Artist Boris Hiestand
Editor Mark Edwards
Original Designs Vincent Béchet
Visual Development Artists Trevor White, Ross McCaughey, Nana Li, Leanna Wade, Norm Konyu
Colour Design Celine Choo
Graphic Designer Antony Garner
Katsuma, Luvli Emma Tate
Poppet Phillipa Alexander
Dr Strangeglove, Zommer Ashley Slater
Fishlips, Newsreader Boris Hiestand
Furi, Roary Tom Clarke Hill
Buster Bumblechops, Diavlo Keith Wickham
Bobbi SingSong Rajesh David
Sweet Tooth Steve Cleverley
Other parts played by members of the cast & crew
SPIDER EYE Animation Studios
Producer Erica Darby
Assistant Producer Charlotte Wadsworth
Production Manager Niki Groves, Zoe Kovacs
Layout Sam Bailey, Ben Dennett, Andy Fossey, Richard Nye, Elroy Simmons
Backgrounds Miles Tebbutt, Selena Roberts, Monica Herman, Hester Dennett
Scene Planning Simon Turner, Craig Haines, Richard Milligan
Lead Rigger Cherie Hague
CelAction2D Build & Rig Lucy Artiss, Shaun Blake, Ben Cawthorne, Phil Clarke, Tim Fancourt, Morgan Griffiths, Tom Lucas, Ryan Neal, Gemma Martin, Sophie Powell, Nicola Robertson, Chris Scott, Shane Skuse, Sue Tong, David Young
Lead CelAction2D Animators Phil Clarke
Key CelAction2D Animators Steve Austin, Christian Chessell, Matt Dillon, Mario Galindo, Nick Harrop, Ollie Patricio, Dennis Sisterton, Alex Wilmott, Gemma Wilmott
Additional CelAction2D Animators Simon Bancroft, Mike Benson, Hozen Britto, Jon Clarke, Gareth Davies, Robin Dellor, Emma Errera, Jimeno Farfan, Mark Francis, Cherie Hague, Craig Haines, Kaye Heywood, Mandy Jennings, Richard Jeffery, Dave McKenna, Richard Milligan, Laura Normansell, Juan Jose Bravo Matias, Mark Nute, Miles Peters, Sophie Powell, Claire Renton, Kenny Robinson, Megan Smith, Karen Ullmann
Flash Animator Cako Facioli, Nick Harrop, Caroline Souchon
Flash FX Animation Stephen Petty, Anne Marie Walsch
CelAction2D Generalist Jenny Stewart
CG Environments Juan Luis 'Borrego' Ruiz Beltran, Michael Faherty, Simeon Hankins
CG Animation Mariella Capasso
Compositing Adam Aiken, Simon Gibbs, Owen Frankland, Luke Jefferson, Jonathan Klahr, Steven Mertens, Fynn Tucker, Wip Vernooij, Ben Weschke, Paul Weschke
Spider IT Jason Knight-Urbanski
CO3 - Digital Intermediate provided by Company 3 London
Digital Intermediate Head of Department Patrick Malone
Digital Intermediate Producer Cheryl Goodbody, Rob Farris
Digital Intermediate Assistant Producer Jonathan Collard, Kira Fitzpatrick
Digital Colourist Robin Pizzey
Digital Film Technical Supervisor Laurent Treherne
Systems Adminitrator Neil Harrison
Digital Intermediate Assistants Aurora Shannon, Laura Pavone
Data Wrangler Dan Helme
Dynamedion Music.Sound
Orchestrator David Christiansen
Orchesta Brandenburgisches Staatorchester Frankfurt / Oder, Germany
Live Orchestra Production By Dynmedian GbR
Recording Engineer Holger Busse
Additional Musicians Kris Jones, Ashley Slater, Charlotte Glasson, Sophie Shone, Stefan Taylor, Ellie Wyatt, Scarlett Quinn, Adrian Davies-Jordan, Dale Shockness
Supervising Sound Designer Daan Hendriks
Sound Editors Jonathan Mann, Andrew Inwood
Creative Media - Sound Post Services provided by Creativity Media
Sound Designer Alex Joseph
Sound Effect Mixer Richard Kondal
Foley Artist & Editor Louise Brown
Sound Editors Stelios Koupetoris
Foley Recordists Gwilym Perry, Simon Trundle
Foley recorded at Universal Sound and Twickenham Studios
Recording Studio Soho Square Studios
Sound Re-Recording Mixer Adam Smyth
Studio Manager Tom MacKewn
Production Assistant Gillian Iversen
Marketing Dino Burbidge, Lauren Delord
Finance Team Helen Stroud, Barry Avraam, Alex Cram, Mark Bishop
Legal Team Jenifer Swallow, Beth Lawson, Wiggin LLP
IT Max Wall, James Minerve, Cary Vidal, Henry Cook
Clear Insurance Management
Insurance Brokers Clear Insurance Management, Paul Roberts, Michael Cookie
The Producers Wish to Thank Uli Meyers, Liz Wyl, Jeff Hall, Sophie Thomson, Olivia Goodman, Florence Boltman, Pete Coogan, Jack McCall, Oli Hyatt, Chris Dicker, Amie Jackson, Matt Sacton, Jane Savage, Sean Scourse, Andy Blazdell, Simon Lipowicz, Owen Stickler, Sebastian Sume & everyone on the Moshi Web Team and Mind Candy
Production Babies Mika Vernooij, Henry Clarke, Baby Mertens
Made on location in London and Cornwall
In Memoriam
Andreas Von Andrian

Production & Development

The Moshi Monsters movie was made in a tremendous short amount of time

CO3 Sound production diary [1]


  • Jocelyn attended the 5th Anniversary party of Moshi Monsters where she dressed up as a secret Moshling. In a video where the Mind Candy employees said who they were dressed up as, Jocelyn said "A secret Moshling who came out of this egg." and she held up a picture of The Great Moshling Egg.
  • The movie was announced by Mr. Moshi in an issue of the Moshi Monsters Magazine.
  • The Music CD that came free with the Moshi Magazine Issue 34 features a promotional movie trailer.
  • The trailer was shown on Daybreak on ITV on Thursday, October 10th. later on that day it was seen on the MSN website. On October 11th, it was uploaded to the official Moshi Monsters Youtube channel and featured on The Daily Growl.
  • In Jollywood, there is a crowd of monsters wanting Bobbi's autograph, Nutmeg is in the front then disappears.
  • One of ShiShi's black spots is missing when they are in the Glumpatron.
  • When Strangeglove dances, Head Over Heels is played but Moptop Tweenybop is shown on the TV.
  • In the list of usernames on the credits, some names are repeated.
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