The Moshi Monsters Character Encylopedia, written by Steve Cleverley, Lauren Holowaty and Claire Sipi, is a book containing biographies on many characters of Moshi Monsters, spending one page on each of them. The book comes with an exclusive bauble red Colonel Catcher figure.


Take a trip to Monstro City and meet every single one of your favourite characters

You've played Moshi Monsters, now learn about their amazing and colourful world from beginning to end with Moshi Monsters Character Encyclopedia. Every single one of the Moshi Monsters is covered, each with their own page stuffed full of fun Moshi facts, stats and stories, plus every copy comes with your very own free and exclusive Moshling!

Learn fun new facts about all of your favourite Monstro City residents. From the monsters you love, like Katsuma, Luvli, Diavlo and Poppet, to places like Babs' Boutique and the amazing Moshlings - it's all in Moshi Monsters Character Encyclopedia.

Full of colour and full of fun - just like the game - Moshi Monsters Character Encyclopedia is a must-have for any Moshi Monster fan.



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