Moshi Karts is a racing game application for iOS devices. The game is free to play, with additional in-app purchases that cost real money.


The app was released on February 22nd, 2014 and accompanying merchandise followed in July 2014, with the promise of further trading cards and games to be released in the future. A Katsuma Transforming Track Playset with to exclusive karts and drivers is to come from Hero. Moshi Karts Trickstar Vehicles and Stunt Launchers and also the RC Katsuma Kart are other toys yet to be released.

On February 28th, 2014, promotional material in the form of room decoration items were released on Moshi Monsters. Yukea sells miniature versions of the karts that feature in the game. 


Moshi Karts is a racing-themed endless runner game where there are forty levels, the object of each being to get to the finish line. Each level is a different length and each level has lots of different obstacles to dodge. The game automatically ends when a player collides with an obstacle. If the player wishes, they may purchase a revive - starting at 40 Rox, the price then doubles after each revive until capping at 800. Once each level is complete, you will get a rating out of three stars, based on how many rox you collected. Rox can be collected from the tracks and can be used to buy new karts and helmets in the shop. Throughout the levels there are endurance challenges and star-gates where you must have a certain amount of stars to pass on to the next set of levels.


Moshi Karts Official Game Trailer

Moshi Karts Official Game Trailer


Moshi Karts

Moshi Karts



MONSTERS...START YOUR ENGINES! Rev up that kart and put your paw to the floor as you hurtle through the stunning world of Moshi, dodging and destroying oncoming obstacles to beat evil Dr. Strangeglove’s terrible traps in this blisteringly fast racing game! Go! Go! Go!

  • Race through 40 tracks!
  • Unlock crazy new karts!
  • Use boosts to upgrade your kart!
  • Jump, smash and drift!
  • Defeat Dr. Strangeglove and his diablolical contraptions!


Level Number Level Name Length (m) Possible Moshi Karts star logo Max Moshi Karts star logo
01 Training Wheels 1140 3 3
02 Sundown Sprint 1600 3 6
03 Cavern Crunch 1805 3 9
04 Dusk Dash 1815 3 12
Stargate requiring 8 Moshi Karts star logo 12
05 Seaside Slide 2050 3 15
06 Splatform Skid 2600 3 18
07 Rockery Run 2735 3 21
08 Explosive Escape 3365 3 24
09 Gruelling Gauntlet 2865 3 27
10 Endurance Challenge 1 7000 6 33
11 Shore Shark Redemption 2860 3 36
Stargate requiring 25 Moshi Karts star logo 36
12 Mind the Glump 3020 3 39
13 Pesky Passage 2900 3 42
14 Terrifying Traffic 3150 3 45
15 Rox Rally 3235 3 48
16 Endurance Challenge 2 7375 6 54
17 Are We There Yet? 4325 3 57
Stargate requiring 45 Moshi Karts star logo 57
18 Roller Rage 3445 3 60
19 Death Valley 3545 3 63
20 Endurance Challenge 3 7435 6 69
21 Goosebump Manor 2850 3 72
22 Creepy Corridors 2960 3 75
23 Wacky Woods 3000 3 78
Stargate requiring 60 Moshi Karts star logo 78
24 Cemetary Japes 3225 3 81
25 Highrise Horror 3000 3 84
26 Trick or Treat Trail 2700 3 87
27 Ghastly Gravestones 2950 3 90
28 Dangerous Dash 3100 3 93
29 Travel Trouble 2700 3 96
30 Endurance Challenge 4 7150 6 102
31 The Crypt 2380 3 105
Stargate requiring 80 Moshi Karts star logo 105
32 Haunted Highway 2900 3 108
33 The Winding Way 2700 3 111
34 Phantom Feud 2850 3 114
35 Spooky Sprint 2920 3 117
36 Endurance Challenge 5 7000 6 123
37 Scary Scurry 2930 3 126
Stargate requiring 100 Moshi Karts star logo 126
38 Track of Terror 3000 3 129
39 Chilling Chase 2975 3 132
40 Endurance Challenge 6 7125 6 138


The shop in Moshi Karts sells ten of both karts and helmets. By default you are given the Boom Buggy kart and Wild Kat helmet at no expense. Prices of karts increase from 2,000 up to 20,000 rox and prices of helmets increase up to 10,000 rox. Once you have bought a kart/helmet it is yours to keep and you can change between karts/helmets at no expense. 


Name Rox Image
Boom Buggy Default
Moshi Karts kart boom buggy
Green Machine 2,000
Moshi Karts kart green machine
Blue Bandit 3,000
Moshi Karts kart blue bandit
Crimson Cruiser 4,000
Moshi Karts kart crimson cruiser
Super Scorcher 5,000
Moshi Karts kart super scorcher
The Phantom 7,000
Moshi Karts kart the phantom
Crypt Kicker  10,000
Moshi Karts kart krpyt kicker
Camo Hawk 12,000
Moshi Karts kart camo hawk
Moshi Missile 15,000
Moshi Karts kart moshi missile
Clawsome Kart 20,000
Moshi Karts kart clawsome kart


Name Rox Image
Wild Kat Default
Moshi Karts helmet wild kat
Great 8 300
Moshi Karts helmet great 8
Blue Blaze 500
Moshi Karts helmet blue blaze
Stars 'n' Stripes 1,000
Moshi Karts helmet stars 'n' stripes
Moshimo 4000 1,500
Moshi Karts helmet moshimo 4000
Great White 2,000
Moshi Karts helmet great white
Skeleton Crew 4,000
Moshi Karts helmet skeleton crew
Jet Set 6,000
Moshi Karts helmet jet set
Moshinaut 8,000
Moshi Karts helmet moshinaut
Neon Shadow  10,000
Moshi Karts helmet neon shadow

Version History

Version Date Updates
1.0.2 3rd June 2014

We've been tinkering under the hood so you MONSTARS can have an even better experience!
- Improved tutorial!
- Option to skip those tricky levels!
- Discover our other apps with the 'More Games' option
- Bug fixes
Please Note: If you're experiencing any problems while playing the game, try closing the apps you have running in the background before Moshi Karts, by double tapping the Home button on your device.

1.0.1 22nd February 2014

We've been tinkering under the hood so you MONSTARS can have an even better experience!
Please Note: If you're experiencing any problems whilst playing, try closing the apps you have running in the background before running Moshi Karts.

1.0 12th February 2014

(initial release)

In-App Purchases

Replay races to earn Rox or buy some below. Buying Rox will cost real money.

In App Purchases
Name Rox Cost Price per 1,000 rox
Handful of Rox 1,000 £0.79 £0.79
Box of Rox 3,000 £2.29 £0.76
Case of Rox 6,000 £3.99 £0.67
Crate of Rox 24,000 £14.99 £0.62
Vault of Rox (Best Value) 55,000 £32.99 £0.60


The following are credited on the 'about' section of the settings.

Role Credited Individual(s)
Mind Candy Limited is a company registered in England & Wales with company registration number 05119483 and with its registered office at 15 Bonhill Street London EC2A 4DN.
Chief Executive Officer Michael Acton Smith
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Finanical Officer
Divinia Knowles
Chief Product Officer Chia Chin Lee
Chief Business Development Officer
Chief Licensing Officer
Darran Garnham
Chief Community & Safety Officer Rebecca Newton
Producer Gareth Mills
Associate Producer Ben Milsom
Head of Marketing Andy Matjaszek
Marketing Creative Dino Burbidge
Director of Moshiology Steve Cleverley
Original Characters Vincent Bechet
Head of Art Jeff Hall
Writer Toby Starbuck
Lead Audio Designer Dean Hendriks
Music Tim Van De Laar
Sanj Sen
Comicbook Artists Lucien Hoare
Meelis Silem
Karts Modeller Hoai Tran
Additional Art Trevor White
Ant Gardner
Neil Porter
Ops and Creative Assistant Megan Kane
User Researcher Mary Henley
General Counsel Jennifer Swallow
Head of Management Accounts Alex Cram
Management Accounts Mark Bishop
Business Intelligence Engineer Vincent Delorme
QA and Release Manager Darren Loveless
QA Engineer Ioannis Lefkaditis
Additional QA Support Testology Ltd.
Head of Consumer Product Development James McKnight
Product Development Manager Sian Renaud
Ed Perridge, Ram Kanda, David Bishop, Lance Winter, Erica May, Rebecca Langton, Mirtha Nandoo, Gina Clarke, Drew Betoni, Liz Macfie, Marcus Thornley, Supna Chavda, Kirstie Marsh, Andrew Inwood, Ben Christey and all of the other Mind Candies past and present.
FMOD Sound System, copyright Firelight Technocologies Pty, Ltd., 1994-2014
Chief Executive Officer Gerry Sakkas
Director of Coroporate Strategy Mark Goulopoulos
Director of Finance Aaron Pasias
Business & Development Manager Tejesh Munusamy
Lead Engineer Scott Wickens
Engineer Andre Spierings
Lead Artist Adam Bax
Patrick Delmastro
Artist Rhyl Mayes
Junior Artist Kristel Villegas
Design Nick Merritt
Audio Designer Danny Armstrong
Art Intern Ryan Hopwood
Wafik Salim


Merchandise has been released to celebrate the launch of Moshi Karts.

Moshling Racers

Main article: Moshi Karts Moshling Racers Figures

The Moshling Racers figures are Moshi Monsters figures of Moshlings in Moshi karts. One series of twelve figures has been released, and it is unknown if a second series will follow however possible art for the in-game items has been found.

Katsuma Trickster 360 Spin

Main article: Moshi Karts Katsuma Trickster 360 Spin Vehicle

The Moshi Karts Katusma Trickster 360 Spin Vehicle is a playset featuring Katsuma in a kart which can be pulled back and once released Katsuma will accelerate forward and perform a 360 spin.

Moshi Karts Sticker Activity Book

Main article: Moshi Karts Sticker Activity Book
Moshi Karts Sticker Activity Book
The Moshi Karts Sticker Activity Book is a sticker activity book made to promote the Moshi Karts app. The book was originally listed to be published in September 2014. Due to Moshi Monsters' drop in franchise activity through mid-2014 and 2015, the fate of this book remains uncertain.

Katsuma Track Playset

Main article: Unreleased Merchandise#Katsuma Track Playset

The Katsuma Track Playset is a playset similar in appearance to Katsuma's default kart and opens up to reveal a race track for the collectables to race on. Little information is known about it as it is unreleased and it is uncertain if it will actually release.

In-Game Items

Moshi Karts Karts

Main article: Moshi Karts Karts

The Moshi Karts Karts are sold at Yukea and are in-game versions of the karts that appear in the Moshi Karts app.

Clothing Items

Multiple helmets and jackets have been made available for sale at the Marketplace.

Moshi Karts Moshlings

Main article: Moshi Karts Moshlings

The Moshi Karts Moshlings are exclusively available via Secret Codes from the Moshlings Racers toy packs.

Possible second/other series
The following images have been found on Moshi Monsters artists' website and may be in-game items for a second/other series of the Moshlings Racers figures. They appear to have a neon theme.



  • The name of the app was revealed at the London Toy Fair 2014. 
  • Moshi Karts was mentioned in Issue 39 of the Moshi Monsters Magazine.
  • The main monster featured in Moshi Karts is a Katsuma.
  • The initial concept of Moshi Karts was scrapped but then returned.
  • The brand is designed to reach a slightly older fan base including boys aged 12 and over, but will also appeal to Moshi Monsters fans of all ages.
  • Unlike the majority of Mind Candy's other mobile applications, Moshi Karts has not been released for Android devices.



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