Moon Orchid are one of the 6 Seeds that both Members and Non-Members can buy in the Seed Cart and Super Seeds to attract Moshlings.

The Moon Orchid were one of the three seed types to be released as part of the Moshi Monsters Super Seeds range.


Very attractive to werewolves, luckily there aren't any in Monstro City.[note 1]


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Very attractive to werewolves...luckily there aren't any in Monstro City! Pretty Kitties, Princess Ponies and Rummaging Plotamuses all love Moon Orchids.

Moshlings Attracted

  1. DJ Quack
  2. Prof. Purplex
  3. Peppy
  4. Pooky
  5. Blurp
  6. Dipsy
  7. Flumpy
  8. I.G.G.Y.
  9. Hansel
  10. Lady Meowford
  11. Priscilla
  12. Gigi
  13. Scamp
  14. Doris
  15. Gracie
  16. Bentley
  17. Chirpy
  18. Hissy
  19. Hot Wings
  20. Lummox
  21. Lurgee
  22. Shoney
  23. Sweeney Blob
  24. Tessa
  25. Threddie (unreleased)


Notes and citations

  1. Randall most likely counts as a werewolf but as a Mission Moshlings it does not have garden catch-ability. Note that this description was written many years prior to Randall's release.

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