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Monstro City is a densely-populated city where the game, Moshi Monsters is situated. It is home to Moshlings and Monsters and features stores, buildings and scenery.

Although there are many users, there is only one visible home on the map, however other monster's houses can be seen on Main Street, Sludge Street, Ooh La Lane, The Port, Candy Cane CavesBleurgh Beach, and Gift Island.

On the bottom right hand of Monstro City is Music Island, which was discovered in March 2012. It is home to Bobbi SingSong and Woolly Blue Hoodoos.

Locations in Monstro City

Places that can't be visited are in bold, Mission places are underlined.

Below is a chart that displays areas with specific colours depending on their accessibility.


  non-exclusive areas (areas accessible by all users)
  areas inaccessible to all users

Streets and urban areas Rural and semi-rural areas Other Main Street Icon Sludge Street Icon Ooh La Lane Icon
Main Street
The Great Moshi Beanstalk
Dress Up Room
Sludge Street
Puzzle Palace
Ooh La Lane
Moshling Garden
The Port
Party Palace
Main Street Sludge Street Ooh La Lane
Gift Island
(formerly Member-exclusive)
Fiery Castle

Party Palace Icon The port Gift island moshi
Moshi Fun Park
Bleurgh Beach
Party Palace The Port Gift Island

Locations on Music Island

Main Article: Music Island

Places that can't be visited are in bold, Mission places are underlined.

  • Shipwreck
  • Bobbi Singsong's Yoga Retreat
  • Temple
  • Spooky Castle
  • Beach
  • Airport
  • Woolly Hoodoo Jungle
  • Stardust Street (Habitat of Quirky Koalas)




Buildings and Shops