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The listing is constructed with the most relevant artists in the higher regions of their section and the ones having less of an association with Mind Candy in the lower regions. Such artist are usually Freelance; people whose work was a result of outsourcing and are not factual Mind Candy employees nor employees of associated companies such as Vivid.

Illustrative Artists

Vincent "Pulco Mayo" Bechet

Bechet is a character designer from France who is responsible for most of the Moshlings designs, the overal style of Moshi Monsters and the mural decorations of the Mind Candy office.

Ross "Southavocado" McCaughey

McCaughey is an all-around designer for Mind Candy, having various character designs on his name and most of the scenery and background work of the Super Moshi missions, making him along with Bechet the main directors of Moshi Monsters' art style.
While Bechet has a stylised "clean" art style that uses a lot of basic shapes and colouring that gives it an overall flat feel, McCaughey is rather grotesque and experimental in both his designs for characters as environments.

He is the (confirmed) designer of Missy Kix, Commander Sassafras, Bratworst, Space Glenn (his personal favourite) and did the sketches for the intro of The Paw Wavin Kitten.

Portfolio - (DEFUNCT)
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Nana Li

Nana Li was part of a small team to have done the background and character designs in early 2013. Nana Li was responsible for all background art, cutscenes and loading screens of Moshling Rescue! as well as being the designer of Ellie. As Nana Li is a fan of Pippi Langstrumpf, elements of the famed character is found in the concepts.

I was part of the small art team for Moshi Monsters the Movie, produced by Mind Candy and distributed by Universal in 2013.

I worked on character design, expression & pose sheets, background art, colour design and props. I also created the poster for the cinematic release of the film.

Meelis Silem

Meelis Silem is an illustrator and designer and has done work for Miniclip and Mind Candy. His skills include illustration, character design, UI design, animation in Flash, mobile app design (Android and iOS) and prototyping. For Moshi Monsters, he has done most vectorisation of sketches -provided by other Mind Candy artists- for the Poppet Magazine and Moshi Karts, as well as having made assets for Moshi Monsters such as Set backgrounds, artwork of Pipa and several seeds.

Lea "Leamonade" Wade

Wade has illustrated various items (Octopus Table, Magic Rabbit Hat), was part of the Movie team, having designed the main poster together with Nana Li and did a few earlier Mash Up Cards. Post 2010 she roamed the web as "Jammilicious". Little is to be found of her work and herself as she constantly closes her channels. She has given a most in-depth story about her work on the movie (*) but this, too, has now been removed. Shortly after the release of the movie, she had her portfolio under construction for 4 years straight until early 2018, where she reveals to still be with Mind Candy for Egg Hunt, only to have it up for about half a year.

Portfolio: (defunct)
Tumblr: (defunct)

Trevor "Rocketboots" White

Trevor White has worked on various artistic fields within the franchise, being responsible of backgrounds, vehicles and a few character designs. In his movie work he states to "blame the writer" over Fishlips. His Moshling Rescue! work was the icons and field assets whom his team had a hard time to make readable on smaller screens.

Celine "Sunshee" Choo

Working at Mind Candy, I created backgrounds, characters and UI designs for the children's brand " Moshi Monsters". My main responsibilities was illustrating artwork for the webgame and contributing ideas toward new Moshi missions and minigames. In between I would produce artwork and graphic design for Mind Candy's merchandising, mobile, print and apparel side of the business.

Jonathan Dhenry

Christian Zebitz

Zebits has a grotesque painty artstyle very much in tune with McCaughey. He has done work for Katsuma Unleashed, The Food Factory, The Moshi Movie Mystery and was the designer of Biggie Diddles III.

I created this character after being briefed to create a new villain for the Moshi world. It was a great honour to be given this opportunity as there are only a small number of these
— Zebitz on "The Chocolate Baron"

Matthew Beakes

Matthew did a few concept works for the re-release of Moshi Monsters which Matt Latchford made 3D models for. He did the assets/decor for Moshis vs Ghosts

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Matt Latchford

Matt is a 3D concept illustrator and mostly did environment concept artwork for the re-release of Moshi Monsters throughout late 2013 till early 2014. He worked together with Nana Li to finalise some Baby Moshling artwork. He states: "Moshlings are baby Moshi Monsters (as if you didn't know that already!) but here are some MOSHLETS, which are baby Moshlings."

He did sticker work for Popjam featuring the Bean character and designed several others. He is currently with the World of Warriors team.

Mazz "Zappy Mazz" Brewster

Mazz is a finalising illustrator for characters, environments and items. Supposedly the

Gillian "Gillibean" Reid

Gillian is a freelance illustrator and was hired by Mind Candy around early 2013. She made the frequently-used assets of Dr. Strangeglove and Katsuma.

Peter Moneypenny

Peter is a 3D artist who worked on both finalising Matt Latchford's 3D concept art as several works for World of Warriors, meaning they are a more recent employee to the company.

Lucien "Punzai" Hoare

Lucien was responsible for making their general artwork more fluent and thus more appealing. He redesigned monsters to be put on various merchandise, designed various of the Moshi Monsters Mash Up: Moshling Madness cards, designed the Slopcorn Machine and an unused design for The Magnificent Moshi Circus, did the character design of the Beanstalk Giant and also did various work for the Poppet Magazine.
He seems to no longer be employed at Mind Candy. (But who is?)

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James Kirkwood

James Kirkwood specialises in UI/UX design, interaction design, conceptualisation, storyboarding, branding and illustration. He worked on native apps for iOS and Android, cross platform mobile games and responsive websites. He has worked on the Moshlings brand and app as well as Moshling Rescue!

Ram Kanda

Like Kirkwood, Ram Kanda functioned as Principal Interface Designer and eventually went on to Art Director at Mind Candy. He has been responsible for much of the game interface of Moshi Monsters as well as the development of Moshling Rescue.

Moshi Monsters put Mind Candy on the map. In the UK, Moshi Monsters quickly overtook Club Penguin as the top virtual world for kids and had over 90 million registered users worldwide. While the brand lead to a number 1 kids magazine in the UK, a platinum album, top selling Nintendo DS titles, a movie, multiple mobile apps and games, live events, and sold millions of toys, it retained a digital heart. I was the Principal Interface Designer on Moshi Monsters and ultimately went on to become Art Director at Mind Candy.

Ant Gardner

Moshi Circus logo

Johnny "Freakyfacets" Taylor

Taylor is a technical and environmental artist and has been working with Mind Candy since 2011 and ongoing, having worked on both the early stages of Moshi Karts as the later brand of World of Warriors.

The Moshi Karts concept art was simply referred to as Mind Candy's new project and he shared his early art direction on his blog on January 2012, indicating how long it took for Moshi Karts to be fully developed. The other concept art was uploaded on November 2012.

Giorgia "Nayma" Arena

Nayma made some concept art during the early stages of the development of Moshi Karts and the translation of Moshi Monsters into 3D. None of her work ever made it to be used for anything.

Vicki Dalton

Previously going by the name of "Vicki Paull", Vicki Dalton has done mostly vector art, cleaning up and finalising sketches provided by Ross McCaughey for the Mash Up Moshling Madness cards, and various non-interactive items. Portfolio -

Katy "Kat Gardy" Nicholson

Nicholson worked as a comic artist for the first few issues of the Moshi Monsters Magazine. She made a lot of work surrounding Lady GooGoo.

Michael Dolan

Michael is a Graphic Design Freelance Illustrator from the earlier days of Moshi Monsters and had submitted various test illustrations to Mind Candy, supposedly samples to be hired for. Some of his work was used for the Daily Growl.

Susan Yan Mach

Susan is a Graphic Design Freelance Illustrator whom likely had submitted various test illustrations to Mind Candy, supposedly samples to be hired for. Due to the work depicting Katsuma as a main focus, supposedly it stems from the time where Katsuma started to become its own brand as Poppet was close to establish itself as one. The (old) portfolio containing work for Moshi Monsters has been removed by the artist.


Claude Bonnaud

Bonnaud is a graphic designer and illustrator associated with Vivid and was involved with various Moshi Merchandise and Moshi Karts artwork.

Kath Grimshaw

Kath Grimshaw was responsible for the internal design of several Moshi Monsters books.
Portfolio -

Diego Jourdan

Diego Jourdan specialising in comics, cartoons, illustration, restoration, and printmaking. His portfolio is limited to cover all the varied subjects he worked on. As such, his work with Moshi Monsters seems limited but he might have down most if not all covers.

Lynsey Gray

Brochure and Seed Packet designed for a Moshi Monsters event at Chessington World of Adventures. The brochure was designed to look like pages from the diary of Buster Bumblechops, one of the games characters. Visitors to the park would walk round collecting clues which would be redeemed in exchange for a Seed Packet containing a code to get a new Moshling in their online game.

Portfolio -

John Matta

John Matta made Point of Sale print designs for the marketing of Moshlings Theme Park, which was previously called "Moshling Zoo 2".
Portfolio -


Moshi Monster Illustrations by Abby from Penguins 'Music Island Missions' book series. Moshi Monsters © Mind Candy LTD 2013. Abby was responsible for all illustrations in the Music Island Missions books.

  1. Music Island Missions: Zoshling Encounters/Gallery
  2. Music Island Missions: C.L.O.N.C. Strikes Back/Gallery
  3. Music Island Missions: Masters of the Swooniverse/Gallery
  4. Music Island Missions: Cosmic Countdown/Gallery

Portfolio -

John & Edward Harrison

John made a Ben 10 Moshling design for fun, never intended to be an official Moshling. Both Edward and John worked on the same project as they have the same products in their portfolios.
Edward portfolio:
John portfolio:

Patrick Delmastro

Patrick specialises in 3d modelling and created a 3d model for Moshi Karts, featuring Katsuma in a Super Moshi plane. It never released in the app, and unlike any other kart, it is not.. a kart. Has a different Katsuma model without a helmet too.
"Moshi Karts" is an endless runner for iPhone and iPad created from the Moshi Monsters franchise. This is one of the models I created for the game." - Delmastro

Animation Artists

Wip Vernooij

Wip Vernooij has been responsible for directing (and compositing) all the Moshi Monsters Music Videos, the Movie (together with Morgan Francis) and "Cooking with Jamie Oliver & Furi".

Wip Vernooij, alike his colleagues, speaks of the Movie as an "intense" experience, as they had to create it within 12 months. Later on with animating Furi for Jamie Oliver's cooking show, Wip searched for an alternative animation method. He used Anime Studio Pro to create a rig to work with Furi's specific look and hopefully boost the animation quality over using Flash.

This sounding like he would be preparing for more work, during the decline of activity (late 2014-2015-ongoing) Wip has voiced to "not really know what is going on anymore" when asked about any future projects.

Music Artists

Sanji Sen

Dave "Colonel Weng Wah" Cooke

Dave Cooke is a musician and rap artist mostly influenced during the time of the rise of rap popularity in the late 90s to 2000. The scores he made for Moshi Monsters did not make it in the franchise, most likely as the material referenced and worked with dated material that would supposedly not ring with the newer generation audience.

  • Dave Cooke would have been the voice of 49 Pence if Monstro City Knows How To Party had been released. The Moshi Dance by Lady GooGoo, due to similarity in theme, likely replaced this. The latter is a parody song whereas Dave Cooke's song was his own written work.
  • The Moshi Moshi!, parody on the "Monster Mash" (1962), likely scrapped due its dated-ness with the audience that is more likely to catch the reference of Moshi Moshi Moshi! (Song) to Badgers Badgers Badgers.

No. TitleMusicArtist Length
1. "Monstro City Knows How To Party"  
Dave Cooke - Monstro City Knows How To Party
49 Pence 2:20
2. "The Moshi Moshi!"  
Dave Cooke - The Moshi Moshi
N/A 1:31

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