The Mighty Gustavo is a character in Moshi Monsters and the main antagonist of Gustbusters as the fusion of Whiffy Wobbler and Stinkerton. The mutated clouds were created by C.L.O.N.C. to destroy Monstro City. They/He/It is defeated by a Super Moshi transformed into a cloud.

The Mighty Gustavo was revealed in issue 30 of the Moshi Monsters Magazine, there was also a message saying 'Beware of the Mighty Gustavo'.


According to Nimbus, Stinkerton and Whiffy Wobbler are the naughtiest clouds they ever met. "One's a real stinker. The other is so rude and moody! They turned up in Monstro City together and have been causing trouble ever since!" Nimbus tried to talk with them but they wouldn't listen. As Super Moshi listens, Nimbus and you are interrupted by Stinkerton and Whiffy who just arrived.

You've seen the jelly. You've smelt the smelly! Lets put 'em together and give it some welly!


He's a bit of a ham.


Mazzbrew Mighty Gustavo

Gustavo resembles a genie. He has a large buff humanoid upper-body on top of a cloud formation that also makes up his beard and hair. His body is covered in the substance Stinkerton is made up off, with horns sticking out of his scalp and back that show to be Whiffy Wobbler's material. He has a total of three eyes, Whiffy's two purple ones on his right and the singular yellow eye of Stinkerton on its left.

The legless tornado shape underneath is only shown in artwork and not incorporated in the game.