are the players who have bought Membership. They have access to features that non-members do not.

If the player has bought a Membership card, Membership is obtained by entering the code on said card. After that, the player may log in and receive a Moshi Passport, an item given to Moshi Members.

Membership Features

If the player bought a one-month Membership card, this Membership will expire within that time.

Once the Membership has expired, the features will become inaccessible, but the player will keep the house style, floors, items and accessories and a randomly picked couple of Moshlings you had in your room. Membership seeds will not appear in your inventory. However, If you have already planted such a seed, the growing process will go on. Everything you had as a membership, your Moshlings and appearance, is saved, meaning that once you activate a new membership, these privileges will be restored.

There are three kinds of Membership periods; one month, six months and twelve months. If you wish to cancel your membership, click 'Edit my account' and then click 'Membership Details'. Read on to see ' Wish to cancel'. Press it and cancel information will arrive via your email.


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