McScruff is one of the Marooned Five, a group of Ghost Pirates.


He is a greenish blue ghost who wears a red orange-dotted headband with a three-eyed skull in the middle and an earring. 

Daily Growl Biography

The Daily Growl: Known for being a practical joker. Scares easily and can't swim without armbands. He also plays a mean Squeezebox.


Character Encyclopedia

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Pesky pirate McScruff is a badly behaved salty scallywag! This boisterous buccaneer is the Gooey Galleon's resident practical joker, who doesn't know when to stop annoying his shipmates. Luckily, he's also a bit of a scaredy-ghost, so the crew get their revenge by making him jump out of his blue squelchy skin!
Look out!
McScruff likes to hover high up in the spooky ship's crows nest, where he keeps a lookout for potential pranks to play and trouble to cause!
Staying afloat
Despite being a seaborne ghost, McScruff can't swim a stroke without his armbands, so he's understandably very nervous about walking the plank! When he's not busy playing tricks on board the ship, he also plays a mean squeezebox.
Data file
Job: Crew member of the Gooey Galleon
Pirate pals: Captain Codswallop, Jaunty Jack, Mr. Mushy Peas, Handy Van Hookz
Often spotted: Blowing up his armbands

  • Rusty earring
  • Ye olde rotten teeth!
  • Bandana completes this scruffy pirate look.


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The naughtiest, saltiest scallywag ever to walk the plank, McScruff is forever playing practical jokes on his shipmates. Luckily he scares easy and can't swim without armbands. He also plays a mean squeezebox!




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