Major Moony the Cosmic Loony is a rare Moshling in the Sparklies set in Moshi Monsters. They resemble a ringed planet which looks similar to Saturn. Major Moony is often floating around in space and eats space dust. They can produce bubbles out of their thoughts. 

Major Moony did not see a release inside of the original online game. They instead made their obtainable debut in Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt where they can be obtained by daily egg hatching.




Probably the soppiest Moshlings in the swooniverse, Cosmic Loonies enjoy scoffing space dust while orbiting the Way-Outer-Sphere in their rubber rings. And when these dim-witted globes visit Monstro City they can't stop saying Roger that's and poking cocktail stick flags in their heads. It's one giant leap for MoshiKind...backwards!



Crazy golf and slow motion ballet.


Vacuum packed Oobla Doobla and pesky gravity.


  • In Series 10 Figures packaging, Major Moony is referred to as 'Major'.
  • Major Moony's design was revealed on the cover of The All-New Moshlings Collector's Guide on March 6, 2014.
  • Being the most universally-known planet with a ring, this Moshling is likely a reference on Saturn. Saturn is the only planet in our solar system with a density lower than that of water, making them able to float on it. However, this Moshling wears an inflatable ring, meaning it probably can't swim. As density is measured by mass/volume, which a Moshling is too tiny for, this may be the joke behind the design. 
  • Major Moony's Cosmic Stressbuster states that Major Moony can turn their thoughts into bubbles.



Collector's Guide

Series 10 Figures


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