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Main Street is, as its name suggests, the main street of Monstro City.

It has Flutterby Field, the Gross-ery Store, Yukea, Bizarre Bazaar, a statue of Elder Furi (recently) and En-Gen also The Daily Growl building and another building, unknown to what it will be. There used to be a Timernator Statue, but it later got replaced with Elder Furi.

It also has a billboard that has a preview of the newest Super Moshi Mission and it also contains a billboard near The Port entrance saying all the latest members. Moshling Eggs appeared next to the picnic often which would be picked up by members, taken to the Moshling garden and hatched to receive a Moshling.



Accessible Places


  • Ahh, Monstro City, it's the BEST! (Only said by Luvlis)
  • Check out my awesome Monstar Rating! (Only said by Diavlos)
  • Come rate my room - you know it's worth 5 gold stars! (Only said by Poppets)
  • Don't I look lovely? You should come see my outfit! (Only said by Luvlis)
  • Flying high, floating along! (Only said by Luvlis)
  • Hey you! Check out my room and tell me what you think. (Only said by Zommers)
  • Hey, come check out our house sometime! (Only said by Furis)
  • Hey, I can see The Port from up here! (Only said by Diavlos)
  • Hey, why not come and make friends with me? (Only said by Furis)
  • I have THE best outfit on, come see it! (Only said by Poppets)
  • I hope my owner gets new wallpaper for me! (Only said by Katsumas)
  • I wonder what the roarkers are building there... (Only said by Diavlos)
  • There's no owner like MY owner. (Only said by Katsumas)
  • Time to get some Pop Rox at the Gross-ery! (Only said by Katsumas)
  • Yay. I'm out shopping with my owner. (Only said by Poppets)



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