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Luvlis are the fifth most popular species of monster. They are lovely, as they describe themselves. They love all things pink, are very glitzy and love going shopping (Luvli's Looks, of course). They always have the best of everything, they don't settle for just normal - they settle for fabulous items.   

They are true divas and they really react if they don't get their way, though under those layers of prissy personality is a heart of gold. If players feed them too much they get very angry and get depressed.


Lovely Luvlis

Luvlis are fluttery amazing with a sprinkling of magical hokery-pokery. It's enough to give you glittery goosebumps! Luvlis come in all different colors, and… You guessed it, I've got the inside scoop on which colors are the most popular when they're adopted.

Looks like red's the most common color. Maybe that's because Luvlis resemble cherries. I once picked and ate so many scary cherries that I turned bright red! Do YOU have any Luvli friends who are red, blue or purple? Comment on THIS blog and tell me who they are, and a few of you will win a Random Rox prize.


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Luvlis are flutterly amazing with a sprinkling of magical hokery-pokery! You never know if they'll wow you with their star-tipped stems. It's enough to give you glittery goosebumps!

Character Encyclopedia

Luvlis are absolutely flutterly amazing, with lashings of magical hokery pokery and a glittery star on top! These sparkly monsters think of others as mere mortals who they love to dazzle. No Moshi is ever sure whether Luvlis have put a spell on them, or if lovely Luvlis are just naturally charming! Moshi-cadabra!
Conjuring capers
Luvlis just love giving Monstro City's residents glittery goosebumps with their magical powers. They use their star-tipped conjuring stems to create all kinds of fangtastic spells!
Magical moves
Luvlis make great gymnasts. Flapping their dainty little wings in the air, these cute critters adore spiralling twirly, wirly ribbons in pretty patterns.
Data File
Habitat: Monstro City
Catchphrases: "Greetings mortals!", "Hokery pokery!"
Monster mates: Diavlo, Furi, Katsuma, Poppet, Zommer

  • Sweet, heart-shaped face
  • Star sprinkled magic wand
  • Delicate wings for graceful flying


Luvlis are anthropromorphic cherry creatures with white wings. Lacking hands and arms, they are shown to use their wings like hands and still remain afloat.

Personality & Habits

Luvlis are focused on outer appearance as a way of communication. They are rather timid in speech. The persona of the movie addresses everyone with "Darling" and most dialog shows the power of her self love. They describe themselves as glamorous and sassy.

In Katsuma Unleashed they appear to be unable to fly and instead hop around like birds who fell out of their nests too early. This choice was made as Diavlo was already given flight as an ability and they needed something alternative for Luvli who normally also can fly.

Notable Members


A "*" indicates that the line can be said regardless of the Luvli's Happiness Points.


  • Hellllooo!
  • Hellooo! Oh, I'm so glad to see you!
  • Hey, hey! How goes it?
  • Oooh, it's you! Well, that's just divine! Hee-hee.


  • Another beautiful and perfect day for a beautiful, perfect Luvli.
  • Apparently shopping is very good for your sparkle.
  • C'mon let's do something, anything!
  • Do you want to go shopping? You never know what we might find.
  • Don't you just love days like this?
  • Enough already with the touchy feely stuff!*
  • Hehe, no no, don't tickle me!
  • Hey hey! Looking good, feeling fine!
  • Ho-hum, I wonder when Dial M for Monster is on Monstrovision?
  • I know! Someone should make a game where we monsters get to adopt and care for humans!
  • I think 3 is the best number. After 9. I mean, 3 isn't after 9, it's after 2... maybe 2 is the best?
  • I think, therefore I'm glam!
  • I wonder what's going on in town? Usually there's something exciting happening!
  • I think I'll go for a walk today. Or have a sit down. Depends how lazy I feel!
  • I think it's lucky I'm a Luvli. Imagine if I was something called a Horrid? That'd make no sense!
  • I think that there's room for more magic and style in the world, don't you? That's my mission!
  • I'm booooooored, please play with me!
  • I'm doing REAAAALLY good!
  • I'm feeling great today!
  • I'm not ticklish. Honest, I'm... heh... not at all... hee-hee... WAAGHHAHAHAHA!!!
  • I'm so glad you're here, I feel much Luvli-er when you're around.
  • I've been meaning to ask, what are earlobes for? They just dangle. Oh yeah, earrings - never mind!
  • I've considered this a lot, and the best thing would be to play. Yes.
  • I've got a star-tipped stem and I'm not afraid to use it!
  • If only everyone was Luvli...[SIGH]
  • If you could think like a Luvli, you'd see the decorations in here just aren't right.
  • If you played with me, I think that might bring back my sparkle a little...
  • If you've got flaunt it! Then sprinkle it with oodles of mag
  • It's good to be the monster!
  • It's good when you tickle me...a bit. Ok, stop now.
  • La-la-la! I feel so good I could almost sing!
  • Let's find something fun to do!
  • Let's go shopping, I want some new stuff!
  • Luvli by name, lovely by nature!
  • Pfffff, I'm a little tired. Too many games of grolleyball!
  • Maybe we should re-do this room?
  • Might the shops be lonely? Maybe we should go and... er... cheer them up!
  • My foot hurts. Not hurts hurts just pins and needles hurts.
  • My furniture is feeling soooo last century. Let's update things a little!
  • My teeth itch!
  • Smile - sunshine is good for your teeth!
  • Some attention please?
  • That's right, it's a Luvli kind of magic.
  • That's weird, my mouth tastes like cardboard. Don't think I've eaten any. Not since Friday.
  • The best thing about being a Luvli is that everyone's always pleased to see you.
  • The weather's been great today - I think this is my favourite kind of weather.
  • Time for a home makeover!
  • When did I last change the style of this place? I think it was recently, but I can't remember.
  • Wing grooming is very important. I think you can tell a lot by looking at someone's wings.
  • Naaaghh, stopitstopitstopit!
  • You know what I think? What I really think? What I really think, and I'm not joking, is... er...
  • You know what we don't do any more? Just play. Let's play!
  • You'd be happy if you looked this good! Woo!
  • Yum-tum tiddle-dum, deedle-dee... wibble-wobble tumpty tum, deedle-deedle dee...


  • Blech. Give me one good reason to be happy?!
  • Enough already with the touchy feely stuff!*
  • Hey, stop invading my space!

After Eating

  • Mm not bad, but gimme something a bit more nutritious!
  • Mmmm! Monsterlicious!
  • Num num num, okay now something healthy!
  • That's not meant to taste that way, is it?


  • They have curly green stalks with a glowing star at the end that can absorb energy.
  • They can use their stalks as a magic wand but they rarely do.
  • Instead of having belts, Super Moshi Luvlis have handbags.
  • Sometimes their powers disappear but come back twice as strong.


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