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Luvli is a character that represents the Luvlis species. She is one of the protagonists in the Moshi Monsters Movie along with their friends Poppet, Katsuma, Furi, Zommer and Diavlo.

Personality & Habits

Luvli is a sassy and jokey character, who thinks a lot about her image. She is also a very open-minded character, as she will happily embrace the plans of others. At times, she will make an occasional snarky joke about fashion sense, which hints at her appearance-loving mindset. She is rather wise, as she is constantly telling Katsuma, the main protagonist, what to do.

She calls her magic hokery pokery.

Movie Artwork characters Luvli Luvli

Flirty and aloof, Luvli is the fluttering Moshi Monster with a sharp tongue.
She can perform magic and, although it is a but unreliable, stun enemies with her enchanted stem stalk.
She sometimes flutters her eyelashes to get her way.

When I'm good I'm really good!



Luvli is a deep pink, cherry-shaped monster with a curled, green stem and a sparkling star hanging from it. She has two angel wings and bulging blue eyes, each having a pair of eyelashes sitting neatly underneath some rosy red cheeks of each eye. She wears two small green shoes which are always seen hanging vertically downwards. Her teeth are of a perfect snow-white. She has a rather elegant voice.


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