Love Berries were one of the six Seeds that both Moshi Members and Non-Members can buy to attract Moshlings.

They appear as a cluster of three heart-shaped berries on a tall green stem. They can be bought in the Seed Cart and Super Seeds.

Love Berries growth


Bountiful berries all full up with love!


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If you want to attract Pilfering Toucans, Batty Bubblefish or Whinger Cats, then these are the seeds you'll need.

Moshlings Attracted

  1. Jeepers
  2. Tiki
  3. Prof. Purplex
  4. Gurgle
  5. Cali
  6. Blurp
  7. Stanley
  8. Fumble
  9. Dipsy
  10. Honey
  11. Coolio
  12. Gingersnap
  13. Waldo
  14. General Fuzuki
  15. Ecto
  16. Big Bad Bill
  17. Rocky
  18. Liberty
  19. HipHop
  20. Gracie
  21. Scrumpy
  22. Suey
  23. Pinestein
  24. Yolka
  25. Bodge
  26. Lummox
  27. Cleetus (unreleased)
  28. Shimmy (unreleased)


Love Berries grown

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