Little Bo Nap The Sleepy Sheepy is a Super Moshling in the Sleepies set in Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt. They are a lamb holding a yellow rook with an orange bow. 

Little Bo Nap is hatched from a Super Moshling egg which appears in the middle of the set in the zoo when the player completes a Moshling set (with all four original Moshlings). The Bumbletron 9000 Deluxe hatches the egg with the help of a golden spoon.



Bedtime stories and Boboland.


Mint sauce and cowbells.


  • Little Bo Nap first appeared on Moshi Twilight's website, before becoming available as a Moshling in Egg Hunt.
  • Their disliking of mint sauce refers to a dish of cooked lamb with mint sauce.
  • Little Bo Nap is a reference to "Little Bo-Peep", a character in a nursery rhyme named after them. 

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