Levels are numbers on Moshi Monsters indicating what items players can buy if they have enough Rox. If players change their room, buy new things, tickle and feed their monster, play the Daily Challenges and play other mini games or puzzles, it will cause their monster to earn XP points. Once the XP bar is full, they will level up.

Levelling Up

Each type of monster has a different dance routine that they show off when they reach a new level (see below). The higher the level, the more XP you need to level up again. The highest level known is Level 54 but it was changed to 50 after beta testing.

Every time players move up a level, they will get a trophy to show what level they are and they will also get access to more items in the shops. 

Once the player levels up, depending on what monster they adopted, their monster will dance.

  • Katsumas: Does some jumping, then crosses his arms and nods his head.
  • Diavlos: Spins on the floor then does the moonwalk from left to right, then puts its arms in the air and waves.
  • Furis: Tries to dance, but gets its moves wrong.
  • Zommers: Starts walking, plays an air guitar then puts his tongue out while puts his arms everywhere.
  • Poppets: Does a ballet routine.
  • Luvlis: Does the chicken dance.


Level icons

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