Ken Tickles is a blue roarker with three eyes and an orange construction hat, like Judder's. He holds a greenjackhammer. He has an indigo non-sleeved top, and indigo trousers, with a pair of natrual green shoes. When you see him on Main Street, he is jackhammering crazily - his three pupils in his eyes spin round and round.


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Ken Tickles, one of EN-GEN's hardest workers, is not a happy monster. His drilling is perfect, and he has dug up more roads than he has had bowls of hot gloop soup, but still no Moshi notices him. With his three eyes, Ken sees everything--especially if colleagues take a permanent lunch break...
Monsters at work!
Even Ken has forgotten how long he has been drilling the road outside The Daily Growl offices! Maybe if fellow Roarker, Bjorn Squish, stopped eating sandwiches they'd get the job done!
Time out
All work and no play makes poor ol' Ken a dull monster. After a hard day of drilling, he just wants to sink into his Yukea tentacle chair with a bottle of toad soda and a bowl of silly chili.
Data file
Location: Main Street
Job: Roarker for EN-GEN
Roarker co-workers: Bjorn Squish, Dizzee Bolt.

  • All that drilling has left Ken hard of hearing.
  • Three eyes are better then one... that's if they stop jiggling around after all that drilling!
  • Blue Roarker coveralls protect Ken's fur from road grit.


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Ken Tickles isn't the happiest Roarker in Monstro City. Envious of his colleague, Bjorn Squish, he works twice as hard to be noticed, and still doesn't attract any attention. What we do notice is three eyes are better than one when precision drilling is involved.


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