Katsumas are a type of adoptable Monsters in Moshi Monsters. They have natural health, so it's fine to leave them alone for 2-8 days, although they need to have food at hand and plenty of games to raise their health and happiness.


The Katsuma Kraze

Katsumas are super-smooth, but don't mess with 'em or you'll unleash a flurry of claws, jaws and lightning-fast paws. Rrrr! I know this first-hand... Note to self: NEVER eat a Katsuma's last box of Starlight Cookies. Hey, do you know what the most popular Katsuma COLORS are? I got the inside scoop on the color choices that are picked most when Katsumas are adopted.

Wow, so black and white is the most popular Katsuma color combo. Who knew? Followed closely by 2 blue combos, a pink and an orange. Hey, do YOU know anybody with a Katsuma in one of these popular color combos? Comment on THIS blog and tell me their monster owner name, and a few of you will win a Random Rox prize!


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Mess with a Katsuma and you'll unleash a flurry of claws, jaws and lightning-fast moves! When Katsumas aren't bustin' choptastic moves, they're busy working on their super-smooth style!

Character Encyclopedia

Katsumas are friendly but big-headed little monsters who love to be tickled. They look super-cute with big doe eyes, floppy ears and fluffy tails, but they can be fearless fighting machines if they're angry! Highly trained in martial arts, karate-chopping Katsumas are all claws, jaws and lightning-fast paws! Choptastic!
Fashion followers
When Katsumas aren't perfecting their chops and kicks, they like to hop down to Sludge Street to pick out the latest fangtastic fashions at Katsuma Klothes. These style-conscious critters love accessories that enhance their look without restricting their moves - for example, stylish trainers or sweatbands to keep the sweat from their paws.
Time out
Being a cool karate expert is hot work. Clawsome Katsumas take regular breaks and sip on thirst-quenching energy drinks.
Data File
Habitat: Monstro City
Catchphrases: "Clawsome!", Pawsome!", "Choptastic!"
Monster mates: Diavlo, Furi, Luvli, Poppet, Zommer

  • Heavily-styled tuft of hair
  • Sharp little teeth are great for nibbling Katsuma Krunch cereal.
  • Katsumas can take any monster down with a swish of their large stripy tails.


Katsumas are together with Poppets the top popular adopted species in Moshi Monsters and are thus much more prominently promoted in merchandise.

They are based on felines in behaviorism and bodily abilities, as they produce sounds similar to meowing and can emerge claws. They bear resemblance to rabbits in form, although this was preserved an insult in the fiction that mentioned it.

Katsumas are fast and talented in martial arts, specifically Karate. They are overall often associated with Japanese culture.

Katsumas are bold, fierce and feisty and have a very boastful nature. In fiction, Katsumas have been a bothering factor in the group dynamic of the main monsters, as shown with Axl Van Slap leaving The Fizzbangs due to being too full of himself and Katsuma in The Great Moshling Egg. In said movie, Dr. Strangeglove tried to make use of Katsuma's nature, referring to him as "that fame-hungry furball Katsuma", as part of his scheme. He did not plan on the rest of the gang tagging along.

They don't like to be over-fed, but most Katsumas like Katsuma Crunch, Green and Roarberry Cheesecake. They hate Sludge Fudge.


A "*" indicates that the line can be said regardless of the Katsuma's Happiness Points.


  • Hellllooo!
  • Hey, hey, I'm feeling mighty fine today!
  • Heyheyheyhey! You're here, how do I look? You look great, how do I look?
  • Hi there! I've just been for a run, what have you been doing?
  • Hi!


  • Are all my teeth shiny? I get worried about them not looking good. Keep an eye on the, yeah?
  • Arrgh! I've got that song stuck in my head! You know the one, dee-dum deedle... deedle... huh. Forgotten it now.
  • Boy, I look super sharp today! Rrrrr!
  • Choptastic!
  • C'mon let's do something, anything!
  • C'mon, let's shop 'til we drop!
  • Can we play now?*
  • Do you ever get a crick in your neck, which you just can't get rid of? Man, that's irritating.
  • Do you want to go shopping? You never know what we might find.
  • Don't you just love days like this?
  • Games! Now games! Katsumas are best when they're playing, we're very competitive.
  • Have you ever wondered why clouds look like big fluffy fangswagglers?
  • Hee... that tickles. Hee-hee... aagh, stop it! Hah!
  • Hey, let's play!
  • Hey hey! Looking good, feeling fine!
  • Hey! Who said I looked like a squirrel? Own up, I'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget!*
  • Hi-yaaa! You should check out my roundhouse kicks!
  • Hmmm, I could do with a little nibble.
  • Hmm, this place needs a makeover
  • How 'bout some grub?
  • I can split a meteor in two with a single chop!
  • I can't stand it! You've got to redecorate! I'm sorry, but you've got to!*
  • I don't know what's more deadly - my deadly looks, or my deadly paws?
  • I find this time of day the most restful. A moment to stop and think about life, y'know?
  • I should get more exercise. I feel like a run. Maybe I'll go running. Later. maybe later. Maybe.
  • I think 3 is the best number. After 9. I mean, 3 isn't after 9, it's after 2... maybe 2 is the best?
  • I'll tell you, finding hats that work with these ears is a real problem...
  • Is there a mirror around here?
  • I'm booooooored, please play with me!
  • I'm doing REAAAALLY good!
  • I'm feeling great today!
  • I'm not an expert, but I hear that shopping makes you live longer. Shall we go?
  • I'm tired of the way this room looks. Let's change it.*
  • It's good to be the monster!
  • It's hard work looking this stylish.
  • It's not easy being purr-fect.
  • It's really time you started thinking about changing the decorations around here.
  • I've been meaning to ask, what are earlobes for? They just dangle. Oh yeah, earrings - never mind!
  • La-la-la! I feel so good I could almost sing!
  • Let's do a little shopping? Gotta keep up with the monster trends!
  • Let's find something fun to do!
  • Let's go shopping, I wan't some new stuff!
  • Man, y'know? I mean, like, y'know? And it's, really, all the time, it's really y'know?
  • Maybe I should get a make-over? Hmmm... no, on second thoughts, I look great!
  • Maybe we should re-do this room?
  • My ears are too warm. Don't you hate when your ears are too warm? Or your feet.
  • My foot hurts. Not hurts hurts just pins and needles hurts.
  • My furniture is feeling soooo last century. Let's update things a little!
  • My teeth itch!
  • Now we play a game, yes? I wanna play a game now! NOW!
  • Pfff, I'm a little tired. Too many games of grolleyball!
  • Pow! Right in the kisser!
  • The colors in here just don't do it for me anymore. Let's redecorate.
  • The look this season is... well, put it this way, it's not this.*
  • The weather's been great today - I think this is my favorite kind of weather.
  • That seems a bit pointless really. It's nice though.*
  • That's not helping. Really, really, not helping.*
  • That's weird, my mouth tastes like cardboard. Don't think I've eaten any. Not since Friday.
  • This is pretty cool, really. I mean, look around - doesn't this place look great?
  • Unless I've got the latest stuff from the shops, how can I be a cool Katsuma?
  • Wait... did I leave the gas on? Oh, no, I forgot - I'm a monster, not a chef! Phew...
  • We can make this place look better, can't we? More stuff, let's shop!
  • We could always go nail jelly to the wall!
  • What's that behind you?! Right there? Oh, it's gone now.
  • When did I last change the style of this place? I think it was recently, but I can't remember.
  • Why aren't you playing with me? You'll get the chop unless you do soon!*
  • Why shake hands when you can tickle, I always say.
  • Woo! I'm feeling reaaaaally good today!
  • Woooh! This is making me dizzy!
  • Yoo hoo! I'm over here!
  • You don't ever want to be on the wrong side of a Katsuma.
  • You know if you chew your elbow for long enough, it goes green? Honestly, try it. Hehe.
  • You know what I like? Gum. Gummy-gummy-gum-gum, yum-yum-yum, I like, you like, gum gum gum!
  • You know what I think? What I really think? What I really think, and I'm not joking, is... er...
  • You spin me right round, baby, right round! Weeee!
  • You'd be happy if you looked this good! Woo!
  • You're better off not tickling mee... hee-hee... no really... stop ittahahaha!
  • You're looking at perhaps the happiest monster in all of Monstro City!
  • Yum-tum tiddle-dum, deedle-dee... wibble-wobble tumpty tum, deedle-deedle dee...


  • [YAWN] I'm mega bored.
  • Are you trying to make friends with me by doing that?
  • Can we play now?*
  • Did I say you could touch me?
  • Do I really have to come? 
  • Don't call me Satsuma! Boy, do I hate that!
  • Fine, I'll come. [SIGH]
  • Hey! Remember me? I'm still here.
  • Hey, stop pawing me or there'll be monster trouble!
  • Humdeedum...
  • I can't stand it! You've got to redecorate! I'm sorry, but you've got to!*
  • I think you'll be in serious trouble unless we start to have fun soon!
  • I'm feelin' a little blue. Maybe it's the weather.
  • I'm feeling a bit hungry.
  • I'm staying put. What do ya think of that?
  • I'm tired of the way this room looks. Let's change it.*
  • I've got angst in my pants, okay!
  • Mmmm... yeah, whatever.
  • Mmrgh, you never pet me...
  • Mmrrgh, you're going to have to try harder than that!
  • Not coming. Don't want to.
  • Now you're really bugging me.
  • Okay, okay! I'm coming! 
  • Ooh, a bite to eat would be good.
  • Oooh, my tummy's rumbling. I'm starving!
  • Stop it. Stop it. Okay, maybe if you keep going.
  • Stop it. Stop it. Stop it.
  • That's not helping. Really, really, not helping.*
  • That seems a bit pointless really. It's nice though.*
  • The look this season is... well, put it this way, it's not this.*
  • The only way to calm my mood right now is to go shopping.
  • What's a monster gotta do to get some chow?
  • Yeah, yeah, I'll come if I have to.
  • You can try all you like, this monster is staying put!
  • You'd better talk to the hand - I'm not moving!
  • Hey! Who said I looked like a squirrel? Own up, I'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget!*
  • Why aren't you playing with me? You'll get the chop unless you do soon!*

After Eating

  • De-li-cious. Urp! [BURP]
  • Delicious! Delivers a karate-chop of taste.
  • More more more, my tummy is rumbling and grumbling.
  • Mm not bad, but gimme something a bit more nutritious!
  • Mmmm! Monsterlicious!
  • Mmmm, that was tasty!
  • Num num num, okay now something healthy!
  • Ooh yeah, scrum-diddly-umptious!
  • Scrum-dilly-icious!
  • That's the taste that I'm looking for!
  • What are you... what is... that was not good!
  • Yummity yum yum!
  • Yummy yum YUMP YUMP! Tasty! Ahh...

Notable Members


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  • Katsumas are the most adopted monster followed by PoppetsDiavlosLuvlisFuris, and Zommers.
  • The name Katsuma is a cross between a cat and a satsuma.
    • Their Appearance seems to be based on the cabbit, a hybrid common in various kinds of fiction.
  • Katsumas language is called "Katsumanese".
  • Katsumas generally enjoy dancing with Katsuma (character) as an exception
  • Katsumas were the only monsters who could gain weight. This was however removed from the game.
  • Katsuma is one of the two monsters to have a Mosh 'n' Chat toy, along with Poppet.
  • Frazzled, a Staff Member, is a Katsuma.
  • In April 2013, Katsuma got a new look along with the other Monsters.
  • A Katsuma starred in a Frubes advert along with a Diavlo and a Zommer.
  • In Katsuma Unleashed, there's a character who looks like Katsuma but with a monocle, top hat, tie, and tuxedo. They go by the name Mr. Katsuma and are a simple unlockable pallet swap of Katsuma. In the game's files, the character is called "Gentleman Katsuma".
Katsuma Unleashed - Gentleman Katsuma Gameplay

Katsuma Unleashed - Gentleman Katsuma Gameplay

Footage of Mr. Katsuma

  • Katsuma lost a lot of animations alongside an in-game update for unknown reasons. They can be viewed here.

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