Katsuma Unleashed is a side-scrolling, action-adventure platform game rendered in a 3D cartoon style and designed to appeal to Moshi fans of all ages. In a move away from the previous two titles, the game features a stand-alone hero character, Katsuma.

As the franchise’s most popular Moshi Monster, players embark on a voyage with Katsuma through brand new worlds packed with mini arcade challenges and boss battles.

Along the way, Katsuma will have to battle enemy characters using powerful new capabilities, including Furi’s Smash and Diavlo’s Flight, in order to rescue other Moshi Monsters.

Another exciting feature available in the 3DS version of Katsuma Unleashed is StreetPass secrets – 18 huge, explorable maps and monster attack games where users get to play as each of the Moshi Monsters, each with their own unique set of moves.

The game is aimed at a core demographic of 9-12 years old.


The Moshi franchise is a really exciting project to be working on. It’s such a successful brand and developing a class-leading game based on the Moshi characters and their world is a fantastic opportunity. Mind Candy are enormously supportive of the things we want to do to develop the Moshi universe and it’s great to be involved in such a truly creative partnership. The game’s going to be great – not just for the existing audience but for gamers new to Moshi Monsters as well
— Sean Millard, Creative Director of Sumo Digital

Worlds & Bosses

Port Moshi

  • W1-S1 Wild Wharf (enemies: Podge, Robo Blurp, Robo Cherry Bomb)
    • Saves Stanley, sx
  • Jeeper's Jumps
  • W1-S2 Township Trouble (enemies: Robo Pooky)
    • Saves Purdy (Furi power), Lady Meowford, Gingersnap (Zommer)
  • Raffle's Ruffle
  • W1-S3 Boundary Bother
  • Scamps Springs
  • W1-Boss Tooth Ache! (Sweet Tooth has Zommer)

The Backwoods

  • W2-S1 Treetop Run
  • Sooki-Yaki's Strike
  • W2-S2 Sinkhole Troubles
    • Same theme as Treetop Run
  • Cleo's Climb
  • W2-S3 Big Bad Woods
    • Introduction of robo Chop Chop
    • Saves Humphrey, Jeepers, ShiShi
  • Fuzuki's Gauntlet
  • W2-Boss Swamp Showdown! (Big Chief Tiny Head had Furi)

Hollow Hills

  • W3-S1 Chocolate Caves
  • Shamble's Smash
  • W3-S2 Moshi Mines
    • Introduction of robo Rofl
    • Save Snookums, Pooky, Doris.
    • Wins Scarlet O'Haira
  • Penny's Pathway
  • W3-S3 Volatile Volcano
    • Save HipHop, Oompah (Diavlo power), ?
    • Same theme as Moshi Mines
  • Pip's Pounce
  • W3-Boss Laser Lair! (Biggie Diddles had Poppet)

Cloud Castle

  • W4-S1 Battlement Brawl
    • Introduction of Robo Oompah and Robo Pocito alongside the obtained Time power of Poppet.
  • Boomer's Battle
  • W4-S2 Castle Commotion
    • Uses the same theme as Battlement Brawl
  • Misty's Maze
  • W4-S3 Loony Lofts
  • Honey's Hazard
  • W4-Boss Rampart Rumble! (Bratworst and Sassafras had Luvli)

Mountain Top

  • W5-S1 Winter Games
    • Introduction of Robo Leo alongside the obtained Time power of Luvli.
    • Theme is used for all levels
  • Gracie's Glide
  • W5-S2 Crevasse Climb
    • Introduction of Robo Peppy
    • Save Tomba, ?, Woolly
  • Tomba's Tumble
  • W5-S3 Skid N Slide
    • Save Furnando, ?, ?
  • Woolly's Wander
  • W5-Boss Scare In The Air! (Scare Force One had Diavlo)

Moshi Picchu

  • W6-S1 Airborn Islands
    • Saves Rocky,
    • Wins Judder
  • Tiki's Trip
  • W6-S2 Temple Terror
    • Introduction of Robo Rocky
    • Save Nipper, ?, Holga
    • Wins Oddie
  • Whirley's Whirl
  • W6-S3 Picchu Power
    • Same theme as Temple Terror
    • Save Capt. Squirk, 1st Officer Ooze, Dr. C Fingz
    • Wins Leo
  • Hansel's Havoc
  • W6-Boss Glove Gauntlet!
    • Wins Cleo


  • The game was released in stores on the 11th October 2013 in the UK and November 5th for North America.
  • It was revealed on Wednesday, 24th July 2013.


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