Jiggy the Baffled Bit is an uncommon Moshling in the Puzzlies set in Moshi Monsters. Jiggy are a jigsaw piece. They once made up a large jigsaw puzzle. Jiggy enjoys Sudoku and geometry. 

Jiggy did not see a release inside of the original online game. Jiggly instead made their obtainable debut in Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt where it can be obtained by daily egg hatching. 




Do you like puzzles? Me too! That's why I always pack a couple of Baffled Bits in my rucksack. But it's not because I want to start making jigsaws round the campfire. It's because I'm hoping to find more Baffled Bits! I believe these odd little Moshlings were once part of an enormous Puzzle Palace jigsaw. The trouble is they don't know where their other bits have disappeared to, so the second I turn my back they go looking for other Baffled Bits - and that's when I sneak after them! When they are not trying to piece together their lives, Baffled Bits enjoy scoffing Sudoku puzzles while studying geometry.


Unexplored Area.png

Originally they may have been part of a huge jigsaw in the grounds of Puzzle Palace. Nowadays they are scattered all over the world of Moshi.



Confused, chummy, coy.


Tweezers and biscuit tins.


Doilies and shaggy carpets.


  • Jiggy's name and design were found in Issue 33 of the Moshi Monsters Magazine, where Jiggy featured as a sticker.
  • Jiggy was the only Moshling featured that was not in the Series 8 or Series 9 Figures. Instead their figure came with the Puzzle Tub, similarly to how Pops's figure was only available with the Slopcorn Moshling Tub.
  • Jiggy likes tweezers and cookie tins because it can be picked up and placed inside easily.
  • Its dislikes of shaggy carpets and doilies refer to loss of puzzle pieces and unstable surfaces.




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