Jarvis the Pointy Pinkipine is an ultra-rare Moshling in the Yuckies set in Moshi Monsters. They are a porcupine with ironically squishy spikes. Jarvis often end up frightening off others because of their spiky appearance. 

Jarvis did not see a release inside of the original online game. They instead made their obtainable debut in Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt where they can be obtained by daily egg hatching.




It's not easy making friends when you're as prickly as a Pointy Pinkipine but these super-friendly Moshlings try their best, snuggling up to passers-by whenever they can. Unfortunately they usually end up frightening off potential friends before they get a chance to explain that their spikes are incredibly squishy!



Candelion crumble and pedicures.


Balloons and Pluffs.


  • In Buster Bumblechops' wikichat visits, he mentioned Pointy Pinkipines being 'real cuties', which led some fans to falsely believe that they would be a member of the Cuties set, however, Mind Candy later confirmed that they would be in the Yuckies set via email.
  • Jarvis was first spotted in a graphic at the Vivid Imaginations section at the London Toy Fair 2014.
  • Jarvis was first named in the Series 10 Figures, being #10 in the countdown.
  • On Jarvis' Party card, there is typographical error where Yuckies is spelt as 'Tuckies'.
  • Jarvis appears to be smaller than the other Moshlings in Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt, as well as not having any sound file at all.




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