Jackpot the Lucky Hoopdeedoo is a Super Moshling in the Luckies set in Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt. Jackpot is a horseshoe who holds a clover staff. They bring good luck but can bring bad luck is brought when Jackpot is upside down. 

Jackpot is hatched from a Super Moshling egg which appears in the middle of the set in the zoo when the player completes a Moshling set (with all four original Moshlings). The Bumbletron 9000 Deluxe hatches the egg with the help of a golden spoon.


Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya? If you do it’s probably because a Lucky Hoopdedoo is nearby. These ultra-magnetic Super Moshlings give off special vibes that bring good fortune to passers-by. They can even reverse their powers by performing headstands to bring bad luck to their enemies.



Unlucky Larrikins and fun fairs.


Gauntlets and anvils.


  • Horseshoes that concave upwards, such as Jackpot's design, are well known to bring good luck.
  • His name refers to a lucky prize.
  • When they are tapped on, they turn upside down and right side up.



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