Icky "the Gloop Monster" is a large Monster that came to Monstro City in 2012.

They were attracted to Dewy because Dewy was wearing Gloop! fragrance, making him smell like gloop, Dewy had gloop stock in preparation for Super Glooper Day and his name rhymes with Gooey (Icky's mother). Icky was in a search for his mom, too, which is likely why he found Dewy in the first place.

At the time Dewy's store was taken over by Icky, it was highly criticised as players thought they could not access the D.I.Y. Shop. When one clicked on the shop, they were lead into a game to clean the goo off the shop. However, the store could be accessed. In the 'My News', the D.I.Y. Shop adverts would show up and at the end it would say 'Go there now!' or something similar. If they clicked the text, they would go into the store.

In its wake, several items were created, though not sold at the D.I.Y. Shop, namely the Gloopberry Muffin, Cup O' Gloop, Essence of Gloop, Cube O' Gloop and Gloop Jellybean. These items are all sold at the Gross-ery Store and have in-game counterparts, being the Swirlberry Muffin, Cup O' Gloop, Essence of Blue, Sludge Fudge and Toothpaste Jelly Bean (or just the jelly bean items in general) respectively.


Character Encyclopedia

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If it weren't for this giant-sized monster, Monstro City would soon run out of gloop! Once a year, on Super Glooper Day, Icky the Gloop Monster leaves the Land of Gloop and brings his precious gloop to restock the City's supplies. Everyone leaves buckets outside their homes in the hope Icky will fill them up. Splat-tastic!
Giant myth?
Before Icky came to Monstro City, many believed that he was just a mythical creature. Not only does the Gloop Monster exist, he's so huge that he's pretty hard to miss!
Sticky Icky
Icky is so gooey that sometimes he accidentally gloops himself, getting himself stuck to whatever he's standing near. Once he gooed himself to Dewy's DIY shop, trapping the shopkeeper inside! It took a long time to de-gloop everything and get poor Dewy out.
Data file
Location: Land of Gloop
Job: Keeping Monstro City stocked up with gloop
Likes: DIY shops

  • Giant-sized body dwarfs Monstro City's buildings.
  • (Arrow pointing to Dewy) Dewy stuck inside his DIY shop on Sludge Street.


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Icky the Gloop Monster is seventy-six Mr. Snoodles high and loves gloop! He has been sighted throughout history, but until now there's been no conclusive proof he exists! It is said that the Gloop Monster replenishes gloop supplies when he visits.

The Daily Growl

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Post Content
Happy Super Glooper Day!
It's time for an annual celebration.
D.I.Y. Shop Gloop Emergency
Dewy's shop is covered in gloop, in Icky's embrace. Everyone is to report at D.I.Y. to scoop gloop and eventually free Dewy.
Icky Still Sticky
Great work MonSTARS! Icky is looking a little less gloopy today. That means your hard work de-glooping is paying off! Now that some of the slime has cleared, I was able to get some information from Dewy.

Here are the gloop-splattered facts. The more you de-gloop the shop, the closer Dewy will be to freedom and being able to open his doors again. Also, and this is a crazy new development in the story, Icky thinks Dewy is his mummy! I couldn't quite make out what Dewy was saying through all the gloop, but here are some possibilities of how this mishap could've happened:

Gloopy Noms New!
Snozzle Wobbleson makes use of the situation.
Icky Has Left the Building
Dewy is free and made room items out of the grand supply of gloop.


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