Hot Silly Peppers, (pun on "hot chilly peppers"), were one of the six Seeds that can be bought by both Members and Non-Members from the Seed Cart and Super Seeds, and planted in the garden to attract Moshlings. Hot Silly Pepper growth


Flooble-woo! I'm hot, I'm silly and I'm just that little bit peppery!


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Combine Hot Peppers with Magic Beans and you might just end up attracting Sooki-Yaki. Combine Hot Silly Peppers with Love Berries and a pink Crazy Daisy and you could bag a Baby Blockhead.

Moshlings Attracted

  1. Humphrey
  2. ShiShi
  3. Gingersnap
  4. Sooki-Yaki
  5. General Fuzuki
  6. Angel
  7. Mr. Snoodle
  8. Gigi
  9. Fifi
  10. Squidge
  11. Ecto
  12. Rocky
  13. Suey
  14. Jessie
  15. Long Beard
  16. Sweeney Blob
  17. Prickles
  18. Cosmo
  19. Micro Dave
  20. Toasty
  21. Bodge
  22. Carter
  23. Hissy
  24. Hocus
  25. Misty
  26. Nutmeg
  27. Shoney
  28. Eugene (unreleased)
  29. Threddie (unreleased)
  30. Topsy Turvy (unreleased)
  31. Zonkers (unreleased)


Hot Silly Pepper grown

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