Honcho the Chief Twit Twoo is a Super Moshling in the Mythies set in Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt. They are a griffin, mythical creatures with the body back legs of a lion along with the head and wings of an eagle. Honcho wears a red cape and holds a large feather quill.

Honcho is hatched from a Super Moshling egg which appears in the middle of the set in the zoo when the player completes a Moshling set (with all four original Moshlings). The Bumbletron 9000 Deluxe hatches the egg with the help of a golden spoon.



Rain dancing and tickle fights.


Glamping and dancing with wolves.


  • Their dislike of dancing with wolves is a reference to the movie, "Dances with Wolves."
  • They dislike glamping because noisy glampers disturb them.


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