Holmes the Clockity Wockity is an upcoming Moshling in Moshi Monsters, resembling a pocket watch.

Their name was revealed in the 100% Moshlings magazine issue. Soon after, they were shown to be part of The Magnificent Moshi Circus themed figurines. They are listed as Ultra Rare in the series.




Permanently cranky, Clockity Wockitys always shut their face covers when they are asked the time. But that's probably because their clock hands are actually whiskers that don't move! When they are not getting themselves all wound up, these old-fashioned Moshlings love twiddling the knobs atop their heads to let off steam.


  • Holmes has a lot of similarities to Mini Ben, another Moshling. Both cannot read their own clock, are a form of time telling, and both have a general impatient personality.


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