The Googenheim Art Gallery (also referred to as the Googenheim MuseumMizz Snoots' fact file) is an art gallery to the far east of Ooh La Lane in Moshi Monsters. It is a wave-like glass building with a pink sign and publicly displays artwork drawn and designed by monster owners around Monstro City.

Inside, there are three sections: the Gallery, the Art Challenge and the Hall of Fame.

  • The Gallery is full of artwork that doesn't fit in with the art challenge and that hasn't been shown on the Daily Growl.
  • The Hall of Fame is a hall of artwork that hasn't been featured on The Daily Growl for Fan Art of the Week.
  • The art challenge is where the Curator sets a theme, for example, "Draw your favourite Moshling!", the artwork in the gallery would be drawings of monster owner's favourite Moshlings.



The Gallery is an important aspect of the Googenheim Art Gallery as it contains all of the art uploaded to it. Each page of the gallery contains 9 pieces of art; each one is given a custom-coloured frame. Once each art piece is clicked on, the image enlarges and the designer's username is visible, imprinted on a plaque of gold below. Players can submit art to the Googenheim by emailing their piece to; only members can do this. Once their art appears in the Googenheim, the player will be gifted with a Googenheim Power Pallet.

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame feature is where some of the most picturesque art will appear weekly; each art placed will be the art for that specific week. (E.g. if one art piece appears in it on August 1, then it would be the art of the week from August 1 - August 7). All the art that appears in the Hall of Fame will also appear in The Daily Growl as a widget, with the creator's name below the image.

Art Challenge

The Art Challenge feature is where Curator, a member of the Moshi Staff will set a challenge of something to draw. The challenge he sets will always be centred around a Moshling. The only art featured will be of the Moshling he set. This feature is again member exclusive.




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