GoldiRo​x, is a gold necklace worn by Blingo. Her name is a pun on Goldilocks.


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This sparkling little charm is more than just a pretty face. As well as decorating Blingo's neck chain, wise GoldiRox gives the Flashy Fox advice on anything and everything, including his rapper lingo. Blessed with a silky-smooth voice too, glitzy Goldi provides the perfect accompaniment to Blingo's raptastic rhymes.
Blinging pair
When Blingo first saw GoldiRox, he couldn't resist her glittering glamour. The Flashy Fox found her dangling all alone from the rearview mirror of an abandoned limo in Hipsta Hills. Now he wears the blinging beauty around his neck whenever he can.
A charmed life
Let's face it, dazzling GoldiRox knows how to look good! She knows how to have a good time, too. When she isn't hanging with Blingo, this sassy charmer hitches a ride to YoYo Drive, north of Ker-Ching, to chill with her bling-tastic buddies.
Data File
Location: Around Blingo's Neck or on YoYo Drive
Current job: Blingo's advisor
Previous job: Rearview mirror dangler
Side Notes

  • Fluttering eyelashes
  • Enchanted sparkling jewels


GoldiRox has exclusively appeared in the music video of "Diggin Ya' Lingo" as Blingo's back-up/duet vocals.

Personality & Habits



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