Glugg the Gnarly Calamari is a Super Moshling in the Fishies set in Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt. They are described as a powerful royal squid who enjoy twirling their staffs and bathing.

Glugg is hatched from a Super Moshling egg which appears in the middle of the set in the zoo when the player completes a Moshling set (with all four original Moshlings). The Bumbletron 9000 Deluxe hatches the egg with the help of a golden spoon.


When they’re not spurting rainbow ink at enemies or twirling their enchanted staffs during underwater parades, these powerful Super Moshlings enjoy bathing in electrified lemon juice, which they collect from rock pools near the ruins of Splatlantis. If you encounter a Gnarly Calamari remember to bow because these Moshlings are royalty.



Welly boots and warm sand.


Batter and push-ups.


  • Glugg may be a reference to Poseidon, a Greek god. 
  • Their dislike of batter refers to a dish of fried calamari. 
  • Their like of welly boots refers to their feet being protected by hot sand. 


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