Gift island moshi

Gift Island is a place where monsters can buy gifts for their friends. The gifts are short, fun animations with a message. The island is purple and green and covered in all sorts of coloured gifts.

There is only one open shop on Gift Island, when a player goes inside it they are able to send gifts out. The gift will drop into the person's (who they sent it to) room and will go on display in their Gift Rooms.

Gift Island isn't one of the most popular places in Monstro City as it doesn't have many shops and is faraway on the map.

At the end of July 2013, Gift Island looked like it had became a non-member's place, as it had the non-member colour scheme, but to many monsters' sadness it came up with the Members Only pop-up and a few weeks later was changed to a golden M. In September 2013, though, when Mystery Gifts arrived, it became for all monsters to enjoy.

Accessible Buildings