Ghosts are a species of Monsters in Monstro City. The first Ghost to be introduced, Zoinks, was seen in Spooktacular Spectacular. Ghosts are considered a threat, as Zoinks and Jaunty Jack both explain they are friendly upon meeting them for the first time.

Some are included in Super Moshi Missions, whilst others sell items in shops. Multiple Ghosts can be encountered as enemies in Moshis vs Ghosts. These particular Ghosts came from a Ghost Portal which was opened by the Ghost of Dr. Strangeglove's Hand.

It is unclear whether Ghosts are deceased creatures or a species of their own. The Marooned Five make clear they are departed Moshi Monsters, as they call themselves Moshi Pirates and Captain Codswallop's described his past self as a handsome lad if you point at his skeleton in his Cabin. However, the Moshis vs Ghosts Ghosts come from a portal, likely another dimension. This dimension is possibly the realm of the dead, but the reasons why the other Ghosts we know aren't there is unknown.


They are capable of stretching their arms to unknown lengths, passing through walls, teleporting and floating near vast material.

It is unclear what kind of features of their former bodies are kept and which they can gain in their spectral state. For example, Mr. Mushy Peas has kept his wooden leg but, as a ghost, has no use of it anymore. Eye inconveniences seem to be kept, as there is a need to blink and Squint squints. Captain Codswallop wears a monocle and shipmates Handy Van Hookz and Jaunty Jack wear eyepatches. This can still be merely a fashion choice to commune piracy. Stitches are kept as seen with Dedward. Their mouths remain a dental disaster but they also keep the ability to taste and feed.

Freckles as a feature of skin are kept too.

List of Ghosts


Ghosts from Moshis vs Ghosts

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