The Gatekeeper is the keeper of the Volcano. Before Mission 1 was available to everyone, you would have to complete a mini mission and help him get his ruby back from the 'For Rent' building. He was seen at the Christmas Grotto and he is from the Keepers family, which includes the Hatekeeper and Datekeeper.


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The Gatekeeper was chosen by Elder Furi to guard the Super Moshis' volcanic HQ because of his powers of observation and love of keys. And the giant wooden watchful head takes his role very seriously. If he doesn't like the look of your furry face, there's no way you're getting in.
My lips are sealed
The Gatekeeper has certainly seen some Super Moshi comings goings in his time - nothing gets past this hawk-eyed totem head. But you can rest assured that he will never reveal the Super secrets. He'd rather eat his own woodworm than break any rules.
Head Moshi
The Gatekeeper works 24 hours a day and never gets a holiday, but it doesn't bother him. Well, when you're stuck in one position, it's hard to find somebody to share your leisure time with!
Data File
Location: Entrance to the Super Moshi' volcanic HQ
Job: Gatekeeper
Family: His second cousin is the villainous Hatekeeper

  • Super Moshis must insert a gem key into the Gatekeeper's head to gain access to their HQ
  • Large wooden eyes are peeled for intruders
  • Head is said to have once topped the tallest totem pole in TikkiHaahaa.


The Gatekeeper has nobody – literally, because he's just a head. But that doesn't stop him from watching over the entrance to the Super Moshis' volcanic HQ 24/7. Said to have once topped the tallest totem pole in TikkiHaahaa, this key-loving guardian is a stickler for rules: if he doesn't like the look of you, you're not getting in – it's more than his job's worth!


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