are one of the six types of Monsters in Moshi Monsters. They can often be found splashing around in the Lush Lagoon, washing their massive stinky feet in the muddy water.


Furis are based off the sasquatch and move like gorillas.
The default Furi has the notable Moshi Monsters-style crescent pupil, fit with a piercing blue colour. Hair bedecks almost every segment of the body but the art style has varied in the fur coat being a dress as bald legs peer under it and the legs grow fur as well.


Furis are the biggest sized of adoptable monsters but peaceful and seemingly a bit down in the dumps. Sceptical the rest of the group, when Furi experiences negligence or mistreatment, it gives abstinence to anger and instead cries. There is never an oh-it's-your-fault manner, it is rather just a cry of missing the owner more than anything, but food is always close to the top of their list of longings.

Species Members


  • My fur needs a trim... then again, the shaggy look is so stylish!
  • I think that Furis should redecorate their houses regularly... (hint hint)


  • They are very messy eaters.
  • Furis love the taste of chewing gum, but it always gets stuck in their fur.
  • Furis need to change things often to keep them occupied.
  • They are very good at ballet dancing.
  • The oldest Furi is Elder Furi.
  • The furriest Furi is Lingleford the 1st (It said that he even grew hair on his toes).
  • The tallest Furi is Elmore the Great - He's over twenty feet tall.
  • When the Great White Furi on Stumpy Peak in the Cloudycloth Mountains sneezes, the whole of Monstro City is covered in 'snow'.
  • Even though looking similair, Cap'n Buck, Baz Barnacles, and the entire Bearded Barnacle Family are a species of Bearded Barnacles and have nothing to do with Furis.


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