are one of the six types of Monsters in Moshi Monsters. They can often be found splashing around in the Lush Lagoon, washing their massive stinky feet in the muddy water.


Furis are based off the sasquatch and move like gorillas.
The default Furi has the notable Moshi Monsters-style crescent pupil, fit with a piercing blue colour. Hair bedecks almost every segment of the body but the art style has varied in the fur coat being a dress as bald legs peer under it and the legs grow fur as well.


Furis are the biggest sized of adoptable monsters but peaceful and seemingly a bit down in the dumps. Sceptical the rest of the group, when Furi experiences negligence or mistreatment, it gives abstinence to anger and instead cries. There is never an oh-it's-your-fault manner, it is rather just a cry of missing the owner more than anything, but food is always close to the top of their list of longings.


Daily Growl

Fantastic Furis!

Furis are the grouchiest, slouchiest furballs in Monstro City, but they also happen to have a secret flair for ballet! I just happen to have the scoop on which Furi colors are the most popular when they're adopted.

Wow! Brown is the most popular Furi color. Followed closely by white, blue and black. Or maybe that's grey. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me (not fun when you have so many and they're all in on the trick!). Hey, we all know Furis are grouchy, but they're also hilarious. Do you have any funny Furi stories? Comment on THIS blog with your stories, and a few of you will win a Random Rox prize..


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Character Encyclopedia

Harumph! Some say that Furis are the grouchiest, slouchiest hairballs in all of Monstro City and beyond. But look past the furry Furis shaggy mops and fur-rowns, because these loveable monsters are actually fangtastically friendly and just love to party and get down!
BFF (Best Furi Friend)
Waft some Chocolate Coated Broccoli or a steaming plate of Rat Tail Spaghetti under Furi's nose, and this huge hairball will be your friend for life! Furis like nothing better than a full-on feast washed down with lashings of wobble-ade. 'Urp!
Luscious locks
It's monstrously difficult keeping up with a grooming regime when you're as furry as Furi. It's even worse when Furis get their paws on some tasty chewing gum - try getting that out of their hairy mops!
Data File
Habitat: Monstro City
Catchphrases: "Haircut? What haircut?", "Let's be Fur-iends!"
Monster mates: Diavlo, Katsuma, Luvli, Poppet, Zommer

  • Smiling Furi - there must be some food nearby!
  • Furis hate getting their fur cut.
  • Furis wash their huge feet in the vast muddy waters of the Lush Lagoon.

Species Members


A "*" indicates that the line can be said regardless of the Furi's Happiness Points.


  • A glorious day to see you. And for you to see me, I would think!
  • Hellllooo!
  • Hi!


  • A Furi really needs constant exercise. And spending Rox is my favorite exercise...
  • Ah, another day in Monstro City, the greatest city any monster could hope to live in!
  • At least I never have to clean up my room.
  • C'mon, let's do something cool!
  • Enough already with the touchy feely stuff!*
  • Have you heard of Fung Shui? He's this monster who told me we should redecorate.
  • Hehe, no no, don't tickle me!
  • Hey hey! Looking good, feeling fine!
  • Hey, what should we do now?
  • I got to be honest, the decorations here are getting a bit stale. Can we change them?
  • I hear the shops are really good... I mean, we could find some fantastic bargains!
  • I think that Furis should redecorate their houses regularly... (hint hint)
  • I wonder what's going on in town? Usually there's something exciting happening!
  • I'm doing REAAAALLY good!
  • I'm feeling great today!
  • It's good to be the monster!
  • It's nice weather but that's no good when you've got so much fur! It's like wearing a winter coat in summer.
  • La-la-la! I feel so good I could almost sing!
  • Maybe I need more shelves in here. Maybe I've got too many shelves. Oh, I don't know!
  • Maybe I should read a book? Actually, I think they're busy stopping my table from wobbling.
  • Maybe we should plan a trip? I don't want to go to the moon, but anywhere else is fine.
  • Maybe you could go bother someone else?*
  • My fur needs a trim... then again, the shaggy look is so stylish!
  • Not that it's important, but could we do something... fun?
  • Now I think it's best if we play a game. For... er... for your health. Yeah.
  • Pfffff, I'm a little tired. Too many games of grolleyball!
  • Something in this room is clashing with my fur. Maybe we should redecorate?
  • Start every day with a smile, that gets it over with.*
  • That's not helping. Really, really, not helping.*
  • That's weird, my mouth tastes like cardboard. Don't think I've eaten any. Not since Friday.
  • The best thing about being grumpy is when you're happy, you really notice. Low expectations, high rewards...
  • There's a wise Furi saying. It says: let's go shopping.
  • To bemoan or not to bemoan, that is the question.
  • Wait... did I leave the gas on? Oh, no, I forgot - I'm a monster, not a chef! Phew...
  • We could always go nail jelly to the wall!
  • Well I guess the thing to do is play a game now. That'd be best, don't you agree?
  • Whee, I'm in a real spin!
  • When did I last change the style of this place? I think it was recently but I can't remember.
  • Woo! I'm feeling reaaaaally good today!
  • You spin me right round, baby, right round! Weeee!
  • You'd be happy if you looked this good! Woo!
  • You're looking at perhaps the happiest monster in all of Monstro City!


  • Bah! I just love to get down... in the dumps!
  • Come to think of it, I'd quite like a snack!

I'm very sad. If someone played with me, I might feel better.

  • Do I really have to come? (when directing them to walk)
  • Enough already with the touchy feely stuff!*
  • Fine, I'll come. [SIGH] (when directing them to walk)
  • I need something to eat! Pretty please?
  • I'm staying put. What do ya think of that? (when directing them to walk)
  • I've got other things I could be doing... unless you wanna play more.
  • If I had to choose, I think East would be my favorite direction. East is just cool.
  • If you don't spend some of those rox, I will pout!
  • It takes more effort to frown than smile... I better work out more!
  • It's nice weather but that's no good when you've got so much fur! It's like wearing a winter coat in the summer.
  • Laugh it up fuzzball!
  • Maybe you could go bother someone else?*
  • Okay, okay! I'm coming. (when directing them to walk)
  • Someone called me Fuzzy" today. I didn't know what to say. Maybe they forgot my name. Weird."
  • Start every day with a smile, that gets it over with.*
  • Stop it. Stop it. Okay, maybe if you keep going.
  • That's not helping. Really, really, not helping.*
  • What's bad about being a Furi is how much shampoo you use. Especially if you lather, rinse and repeat!
  • Yeah, yeah, I'll come if I have to. (when directing them to walk)
  • You can try all you like, this monster is staying put! (when directing them to walk)
  • You'd better talk to the hand - I'm not moving! (when directing them to walk)

After Eating

  • Mm not bad, but gimme something a bit more nutritious!
  • Mmmm, yes, well, thank you, but I think that's the worst thing I've ever eaten.
  • Num num num, okay now something healthy!
  • Yummity yum yum!


  • They are very messy eaters.
  • Furis love the taste of chewing gum, but it always gets stuck in their fur.
  • Furis need to change things often to keep them occupied.
  • They are very good at ballet dancing.
  • The oldest Furi is Elder Furi.
  • The furriest Furi is Lingleford the 1st (It said that he even grew hair on his toes).
  • The tallest Furi is Elmore the Great - He's over twenty feet tall.
  • When the Great White Furi on Stumpy Peak in the Cloudycloth Mountains sneezes, the whole of Monstro City is covered in 'snow'.
  • Even though looking similair, Cap'n Buck, Baz Barnacles, and the entire Bearded Barnacle Family are a species of Bearded Barnacles and have nothing to do with Furis.


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