Fuddy the Pudgy Fubbly is an uncommon Moshling in the Smilies set in Moshi Monsters. They bear a resemblance to a plumber. Fuddy has a friendly and kind nature. It is not uncommon to spot them helping an old monster cross the road.


Always eager to help, Pudgy Fubbles love performing random acts of kindness. Don't be surprised if you see one helping an old monster across the road using a neon lollipop sign, or fixing a lamp post with a giant rubber hammer because they keep loads of handy things in their magical dungarees.


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Pudgy Fubblies love helping out all over Monstro City and beyond but they are thought to come from Duddy Dale.



Generous, enthused, handy.


Squeezing noses and cuddling.


Mean monsters and balloon animals.

Fuddy Owners

Moshi Monsters Magazine winners



  • Fuddy was the mascot for the Moshi Foundation; they spread their message all around Monstro City.
  • Fuddy was revealed in issue 44 of the Moshi Monsters Magazine.
    • The first winner of the first Fuddy seed code was revealed two issues later.
  • Fuddy is the second prize Moshling, the first being Raffy.
  • Their name is a reference to the word "fuddy-duddy."
  • They fix a leak when clicked on.
  • Sitting Ducky may not like Fuddy.




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